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  1. UrbanWarrior

    656 Confluence Way SE | ?m | 8s | ? | MoDA

    The latest amazing design by @MoDA, discovered earlier today by @Colinfill. CMLC released an RFP back in the summer, looks like they may have selected this one? The latest update on the EVMP shows this block (block N) as still available though, so… unsure.
  2. UrbanWarrior

    Contemporary Calgary | Gibbs Gage

    Contemporary Calgary is beginning the next phase of its construction "within the next 8 weeks" including the new $30 million entrance pavilion next to Downtown West Station, and the total renovation of the former planetarium into gallery space. The next phase after this will be the north...
  3. UrbanWarrior

    The Greater Downtown Plan

    Since the plan has been drafted and is going to council on Monday, might as well have a thread for it to discuss. The city is spending an initial $200 million on the first phase (total for first phase is $1 billion) to encourage transformation of the core areas. The first phase will focus on...
  4. UrbanWarrior

    Northern Development

    I have always been a proponent of supporting northern development, and am a big supporter of the Mid-Canada Corridor proposal. Anywho, I figured I’d post a thread about this since the need for a new east-west highway across our north is more important now than ever after the Fort McMurray fire...
  5. UrbanWarrior

    Restoration of Rail Service in Alberta

    As we have been talking about in the Calgary forum for years, the restoration of rail service to Alberta is a very pressing issue that needs way more attention than it is receiving. Calgary and Edmonton are perhaps the two most intrinsically linked major cities in the nation, with something...
  6. UrbanWarrior

    The Movements to Save or Destroy Alberta’s Parks

    Since this is a contemporary, province wide issue, I figured it deserves its own thread and attention. As a progressive I am of course against any attempts to further devastate the wilderness of this beautiful province, but I’m sure there are other opinions out there. Feel free to discuss...
  7. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary - Edmonton Corridor Economic Development

    Figured since we are emerging as one of Canada’s primary economic regions, and despite delusions to the contrary neither city are becoming the “next Detroit” due to the oil downturn, it is time for us to have a joint economic development thread. Both cities are attracting an insane amount of...
  8. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | Hotel Alps | 21m | 5s | The Alps Group

    I remember years ago in my "The Transit City" class in 2nd year we were doing a site tour of Bridgeland. During the tour, one of thee members was talking about how there is a hotel proposed for the empty lot at Meredith and Edmonton Trail. 33 hotel rooms, restaurant on ground floor, bistro on...
  9. UrbanWarrior

    Alberta Politics

    Never in m my life did I think I would see Albertans return to their senses, so I feel like we should probably have a politics thread. Albertans are PISSED! 🤣 The NDP has managed to hold on to 96% of their 2019 voters, while the UCP has...
  10. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary ‘Black Lives Matter‘ Equality Protests

    Surprised we don’t have a thread for this yet. These already have been some of the largest protests in our city’s history. This is being described by some U of C and MRU analysts as a pivotal moment in Calgary history, and indeed Canadian history. I wasn’t able to make it to the main march...
  11. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | General Block | 6.71m | 2s | RNDSQR | FAAS Architecture

    A small but spicy addition to Bridgeland that hasn't received nearly enough attention. Definitely deserves its own thread. All three CRUs have been leased, all to local shops (Una, Phil & Sebastians, Village Ice Cream), but no word yet on the 2nd floor office space. Both the ARP amendment and...
  12. UrbanWarrior

    Edison | 34m | ?s | Hungerford Properties

    Another transformative project for Inglewood. At 34 metres, it will mesh quite well with the RNDSQR proposal (12 storeys I believe) a block east. Being a neighbourhood gateway project, I'm very excited to learn more about it. 138 units - 34 meters - 10 (ish) floors...
  13. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | Forum 17 | 24m | 8s | Landstar

    Right across from SAIT...
  14. UrbanWarrior

    Daily Photo Dose

    I feel like I have been overwhelming the General Photos thread and I feel bad, so figured I'd create this thread for my best daily photos of that given day. As I plan to be doing a lot of adventures this summer, I think this is for the best. Here's one from this evening. Was having a picnic on...
  15. UrbanWarrior

    Regional Photography

    Figured we should have a thread for photos taken throughout our beautiful region but not within the city. Banff, Canmore, Cochrane, Drumheller, wherever you end up :)
  16. UrbanWarrior

    Weather and Gardening Discussion

    Figured we could use a place to discuss the weather and gardening on here as I post a lot about my gardens in the "urban farming thread" and other more weather-related photos of the city in the general photos thread. So this will be a good place... From today at the U of C... And I...
  17. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary's BRT network

    Figured we should have a thread for development of Calgary's BRT network, since we just saw three lines come online simultaneously last year and one line still under construction. I'm quite proud of how quickly the city seems to be getting their sh*t together in regard to transit. I took a...
  18. UrbanWarrior

    The Great Canadian Skyline Thread

    Figured we should have one, but let's do this one without the petty bullshit that pervades SSP. Start it off with London!
  19. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | Royal Park | 26m | 8s | Arlington Street

    Arlington Street Investments' new hotel proposal on 17 Avenue has some new renders, so I figured I'd create a thread for it. The hotel will have 110 guest rooms, 2 floors of retail, and a rooftop patio on the 2nd floor.
  20. UrbanWarrior

    Kelowna Developments

    Noticed there was no section in the BC portion for an outside-of-Vancouver portion, so Imma make one here. Kelowna is going gangbusters lately, and the Bernard Block is just another in a series of excellent projects to be launched...