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    Development Site: Infill Townhome or Boutique Condo Site (Will consider JV)

    I am in the market for an infill development site for Townhomes or Boutique Condo. Preferable location would be Central Toronto, North York, Thornhill/South Richmond Hill. Price range is 1-4 Mil Willing to consider JV with Land Owners or Developers--depending on merits of the deal...
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    Design Haus | 52.12m | 19s | Shiu Pong | Kirkor Architects COMPLETE

    Shiu Pong recently purchased the SE Corner of Huron/College. It seems to be about third of an Acre and currently has a freestanding building consisting of storefronts and apartments. Don't know if the building is historical. Interesting to see a proposal
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    Toronto | Liberty One | ?m | 10s | Liberty Development

    1 Steelcase Ave W (Liberty Dev., 16 + 2s, Kirkor) Liberty purchased the site 2 years ago and use part of the building as their head office. Interesting plan but I think the site can handle much more than what is being applied for (even with the above ground parking structures...)
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    Opus84 (1955 - 1991 Victoria Park Ave, Magnus Opus Group, 2s, ?) COMPLETE

    Recently Purchased by MAGNUS OPUS GROUP for 10 mil. City Staff Report: Mods: Please change to -- buildings to 12-14 storeys
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    Bloom Park Towns (55 Antibes, Menkes, 3s)

    Menkes purchased a parcel of land from the city 6 months ago for 16.500.000$ They put an application for 197 - 3 storey Townhomes Application Number: 10 227202 NNY 10 OZ I am in favor of this development. I wouldn't of liked to see any towers on this parcel for it is an internal street...
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    Toronto | Block Condos | ?m | 4s | Treasure Hill Homes | Richard Wengle

    Old school site in the oakwood/st.clair neighbourhood. A few months back the developer had told me he plans to put 150 stacked townhomes. Anybody familiar with the local neighbourhood? My impression is that closer to oakwood the area isnt too desirable.
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    865 York Mills (Liberty Dev, 20 + 2x25 + 32 + 38s, Wayne Long) DEAD

    Located just west of Don Mills on the south side of York Mills is a 8.5 acre site with a large industrial building that will be demolished for a large restaurant/Fast Food/Grocery/Fitness Centre Liberty purchased the property on May 15th 2008 for 12.5 MIL$ Here is the leasing info...
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    Acclaim Condos (801 Sheppard Ave W, Urbancorp, 7s, Turner Fleisher Architects) COMPLETE

    Driving along Sheppard Ave W. quite a few times and I've noticed the excavation of a small condo site...for about a year...and nothing has happened just doing a bit of research on it now. Project was originally started by Regency Park Homes (Sonterlan Corp), but in late October 2009 it went...
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    Design Guild Properties of Davisville (Design Guild, 6s, RN Design)

    I was driving along Yonge St today with my buddy and we saw the advertisement for this building--I didn't see it anywhere on the site so far. Its a Boutique type Condo right on Yonge st--couldn't find the toronto council agenda for it. and you...
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    3443 Bathurst St (Centurion Rentals, 6s, Romanov) COMPLETE

    I'm surprised there is no mention of this building (unless I missed it) 3443 bathurst St (between 401/Lawrence -- At Deloraine Ave) Elevation - Day Elevation - Night Lobby House View of Property 47 Units on 6 Storeys. Anybody have any further info on the...