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  1. Roy G Biv

    Boutique Pre-Construction Condo. Newish Developer. Thoughts?

    At $780/sq ft, I am paying for a sharply-designed, up-scale building. However, the elements which make this building a luxury building could all be dropped and not considered a material change. I am trying to get a real handle on the risk of: - losing a balcony - having the layout changed -...
  2. Roy G Biv

    LEED Question

    There is some good information online, but I thought I would query the knowledgeable minds here at UT. I sell technology that, as an extra benefit, lowers the negative environmental impact of new buildings. As of now, it is not considered in a building's LEED rating, but it should be. How...
  3. Roy G Biv

    Help Me, Torontonians!

    I will have a visitor for the next two weeks, in the form of a 19 yr old boy/man from Germany (near Hamburg). As a proud Torontonian, I want to make sure he only has great things to say to his friends when goes home. Please help me plan possible must-do's. Keep in mind that he has never been...
  4. Roy G Biv

    Condos and Political Canvassing

    Anybody know what prevents a political party from canvassing in a condo lobby? We often have Bell or Rogers kiosks set up in the lobby, so I don't see why a political party or candidate could not do the same...
  5. Roy G Biv

    Parking Space Prices In Vancouver

    Parking spaces in new condo developments in downtown Toronto seem to be going for 30k-60k/space. Anyone know what the range is in Vancouver? I have an architect acquaintance telling me they go from 10k-20k/space. This seems like bs to me... Thanks!
  6. Roy G Biv

    Buenos Aires - Cliché Bitching About Toronto Thread

    Ok. I used to be one of those "baby steps!"/"it's good for Toronto!!" types but I am through with the relativist pro-Toronto arguments. Why is it that the capital of a 2nd world country puts far more stock into the yuppyfactors (transit, architecture, street-scaping) of its largest city? I...
  7. Roy G Biv

    Condo - Custom Work

    Anybody want to recommend a contractor to do some custom builds in my condo? So far, the people I've spoken too are either too busy, too expensive, or too cheap. I have plans already. Thanks
  8. Roy G Biv

    Business Cards - Printing

    Anyone know a decent-quality, but not overly-expensive place to get business cards printed? I had them done at Staples once using their shitty online software, but they turned out not so good. I have designed them in Photoshop already, so I just need a printer. Thanks
  9. Roy G Biv

    Boxes for Moving

    Anybody know where I can find cheap boxes for moving? Moving companies and storage places charge an arm and a leg.
  10. Roy G Biv

    Toronto More Expensive Than Paris, London, Sydney...

    Seriously? This doesn't sound right at all.
  11. Roy G Biv

    Why Is Toronto Aesthetically/Architecturally Boring? Answer Needed!

    I need a good canned answer to this question. My Spanish visitors have enjoyed their time here, but cannot comprehend why every building in the city looks like a shoe-box. They want to know why seemingly no-name European cities have more going on architecturally (yes, they like the ROM and...
  12. Roy G Biv

    Radio City - Best View In The City - 1100 Sq ft - 2 bedrooms - Fully Upgraded

    For lease! :D 1 Parking 1 Locker
  13. Roy G Biv

    Long Closing

    I am about to sell my house, but my new place will not be ready until Fall. Does anybody know how common it is for a seller to ask for a long (6 month) closing period? Is this something that can be hashed out when an offer is made?
  14. Roy G Biv

    Good Painters

    are hard to find at a reasonable price. Anybody know any good ones? This is for the interior of a home.
  15. Roy G Biv

    Parking Spot Maintenance Fees

    Anybody know how much/year maintenance fees on your average sized, downtown, condo parking spot are?
  16. Roy G Biv

    Buying Speed Bumps?

    Does anyone know where one can buy speed bumps? Specifically, the kind that are installed after-the-fact, that seem to bolt into the ground.... Or does anyone know who supplies the city with these bumps? Thanks!
  17. Roy G Biv

    Bars/Clubs/Nights Where I Can Hear Good Music

    My definition of good: - Vampire Weekend - Hot Chip - LCD Soundsystem - Yeasayer - Cut Copy - Passion Pit - Santogold - M.I.A. - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - M83 - MGMT - Phoenix etc. Anybody know?
  18. Roy G Biv

    Unliateral Layout Changes

    Unexpected Layout Changes My custom condo unit is being finished, and project manager asked me to add some measurements to a layout drawing, detailing the placement of pot-lights etc. I repeatedly asked for a scale drawing, but was told that they don't have any... and that I should just be...
  19. Roy G Biv

    Where can I get a ring engraved?

    Downtown, quickly, reasonably.. Thanks!
  20. Roy G Biv

    Tory approach to Jewish voters angers Grits No more complaining about Martin/Chretien tactics. This is below-the-belt. Our political discourse is degrading to American levels. This is how voters become jaded. The 10-percenter is...