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    News on retail chains (was: New Mall Retail)

    Farm Boy is in College Park.
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    Toronto | Queens Quay & Water's Edge Revitalization | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    What is the purpose of the large planters, with flowers and palm trees or other tropical plants, that are positioned next to the maples along the promenade (particularly on the north/south segment?
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    Toronto | Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto | 207.86m | 53s | Graywood | Kohn Pedersen Fox

    The area bounded by the red box is actually the CBC Broadcast Centre. Simcoe Place would be built in the parking lot to the east.
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    Toronto | Market Street Redevelopment | ?m | 2s | Woodcliffe | Taylor Smyth

    Wasn't there a taller proposal for this site a few years ago? I seem to remember something proposed, but denied due to the impact it would have on the sunlight entering the internal courtyard. Seniors residences with balconies facing the courtyard would have seen a reduction in sunlight...
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    The leasing signs are on the commercial space to the east of the condo lobby. There is still paper up (without leasing signs) on the large space to the west of the condo lobby, where the showroom likely could go. Website for Downtown Nissan now indicates a September opening.
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    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    In many Five Guys outlets, there are also boxes of in-shell peanuts stacked up near the waiting line for you to snack on. You can't really get any more up-front about the use of peanuts in the restaurant. A downtown one will be great.
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    Toronto non-mall retail (Odds & Ends)

    The Kitchen Stuff Plus was in the location where Champs Sports is now ... across from the Sears/Roots entrance to the Eaton Centre. It lasted less than a year ... too long to be a pop-up shop for the holidays.
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    91 King Street East (Albany Club, 25s, WZMH Architects)

    It's tough to tell, as there isn't much to the drawings. But it isn't pretty. The older buildings appear to remain facing King Street ... with a block-long building about 8-10 stories tall behind the older buildings, and then a tower on top of that on the west end.
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    Does anybody know what retail might be opening in Phase II of Corktown District lofts? The retail space at the west end seems to be papered up, and there's even an automatic door already installed -- not something a developer would usually do, unless they'd already have a tenant in place...
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    Yes, all stores will close before being converted. The main difference between Target's arrival and the Woolco-to-Walmart and KMart/Zellers conversions, is that Walmart bought Woolco as a company, including the physical stores, the inventory, and the employees. Target bought from Zellers some...
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    King East Condos (Lamb Development, Hyde Park, Sher Corp ) - Real Estate -

    And this building does so well, with the big gaping parking entrance / loading bay facing King Street ...
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    Department Stores then and now

    Yes ... it was pretty small. I lived up there as a student in '95, but the Eaton's store didn't last much beyond than that.
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    Department Stores then and now

    Yonge-Eglinton Centre The Eatons store here shut down after the first bankruptcy, and was later converted to Toys R Us, the Goodlife and other mall uses Sherway Gardens Brettons became Sporting Life Square One Brettons became general mall space Dufferin Mall Horizon (Eaton's...
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    Except for the Zellers at Hillcrest Mall in Richmond Hill, there are no other Zellers stores for Target to convert in York Region. Would not be surprised at all to see newly built Target stores in York sometime after the initial 2013 roll-out ...
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    Toronto Eaton Centre

    Mango has closed, and on Friday afternoon had generic Eaton Centre-branded construction hoarding in front.
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    Toronto | King East Centre | 140m | 39s | First Gulf | WZMH

    I was there on Saturday, and was somewhat underwhelmed. It was nice to shop for groceries on a Saturday afternoon and not have to fight the crowds, but there are better and bigger No Frills. I found the prices to be not much different from Loblaws (on many of the items I was purchasing...
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    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    Harvey's will soon be opening in Liberty Village. Appears they will be taking over the former Select Sandwich space in the retail strip next to Metro.
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    News on retail chains (was: New Mall Retail)

    Jacob is under bankruptcy protection, and are "reorganizing". During Jacob's corporate/financial reorganization, they don't plan on closing any stores. The new stores in Sherway would likely come from the closing of other stores, possibly including the temporary stores like Laura Coats and...
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    LCBO Moves - Rumoured and confirmed

    The LCBO in Liberty Village is expanding as well. It's taking over the space next door (which used to be a Bell shop). Didn't notice an expected opening date.
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    Best Burger

    Gourmet Burger Company ... Cabbagetown, Charles St W, and elsewhere ... their Smokey Bacon Burger is incredible. A menu of specialties/favourites, but you can still make to order from a sizable list of toppings, sauces, etc.