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  1. dowlingm

    Toronto | 1111 Danforth | 31.04m | 9s | Core Development | Studio JCI

    It seems a condo is inbound for the former St Catherine of Siena Catholic church and the former Trull funeral home, on the south side of Danforth east of Greenwood. Studio JCI for Core Developments.
  2. dowlingm

    Coxwell CNR bridge

    According to Steve Munro's blog, the Coxwell rail bridge is going to have some sort of project done starting in April for about two months. Does anyone know what the plan is - scheduled maintenance on the existing (and boy could it use some TLC) or Metrolinx work to provision a 4th track?
  3. dowlingm

    Bombardier Downsview Lands (Northcrest-Canada Lands, Henning Larsen)

    Unilever North? The answer to James Pasternak's subway prayers? I always thought there was an opportunity missed when the Douglas facility at Pearson closed, but at the time...
  4. dowlingm

    Midland, Ellesmere, Lawrence West, McCowan SRT stations and AODA.

    Because the SRT is now expected to continue until 2026 (or longer, let's face it) there needs to be consideration about the non-accessible stations. While some money has been thrown down the well in the shape of Presto, wifi and so on, making the stations AODA accessible by the deadline would be...
  5. dowlingm

    GO Bloor station, Milton line platform (or lack thereof)

    is there a technical limitation precluding GO from putting a platform on the Milton line at Bloor?
  6. dowlingm

    New TPA parking lot Danforth Avenue & Playter Blvd (between Broadview, Chester Stns)

    Because after Shoppers and the LCBO, we needed yet another failure to densify. Is there a nuclear bomb planted under the site which is why it has failed to be developed over the years?
  7. dowlingm

    Roads: Redway Road Extension / "Leaside bypass"

    On Metro Morning, John Parker mentioned (during a discussion of traffic volumes in Leaside arising out of the fatality at Millwood and McRae) that he has been discussing with staff the possibility of some sort of relief for local traffic. Does anyone have any idea what he has in mind?
  8. dowlingm

    Metrolinx: Construction beside Bayview Extn on GO tracks

    Sorry if this has been noted elsewhere, but can someone tell me what is going on with the works specified in the thread title? Passing on evening Bloor-Danforth trains it's hard to make out whether the works are rail related, road related, or something else entirely. TIA.
  9. dowlingm

    Downtown streets in need of TLC

    Have been commuting by car more than usual since my kid started daycare and have noticed some of the downtown streets are getting pretty wrecked. Gerrard from Jarvis to Bay gets worse as you travel into the city with a mix of teethrattling surface and poor lane markings approaching Yonge -...
  10. dowlingm

    (Toronto/Downtown) Extend Mill Street to the Esplanade?

    One of the things that stands out when I'm looking at maps of the east downtown is the jog the 72A has to make from Mill St turning onto Parliament, to Front, to Berkeley and then to Esplanade-Berkeley-Hahn Place. Given the renaissance of the Distillery District, the fact that Mill St will be a...
  11. dowlingm

    Dion's plane a bit of an oil burner

    So while the Tories and NDP have Air Canada A319s, the Libs have hired, at the last minute and not yet ready to fly, Air Inuit's sole jet - a 1979 Boeing 737-200Combi. Based on numbers I found: A319 3,100kg/block hour, 120 passengers (25.8kg/passenger/hour) B732C 4,300kg/block hour, 112...
  12. dowlingm

    Could we build over the rail lines in downtown?

    Conde Nast and Morgan Stanley are behind separate proposals to the Metropolitan Transit Authority to build up to 70 storey developments over rail lands on New York's West Side (11th Avenue between 30th and 33rd Streets). It's a bit like the proposal (which I believe has been moved away from) to...
  13. dowlingm

    Why John Barber is wrong (part 127 of a series): Land transfer tax

    John Barber's column in the G&M says "what's the big deal" about loading more land transfer tax on. I saw the same argument in Eye a few weeks back and it makes me crazy. "The seller will absorb the tax" - that might be true for the few who are downsizing and are cashing out the capital in...