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    Authoring a New Thread

    I would like to know why it is OK for a Moderator to divide a discussion up, and attach someone's name to a thread at any time, without asking that person first? -- Zephyr By the way, this is not just for future reference. Your answers will be a major factor I need in making a decision on...
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    Mr. Bush's Desperate Endgame - NY Times Editorial

    Editorial The President’s Cynical Budget War Published: December 6, 2007 President Bush’s lame-duck attempt to repair the Republican Party’s threadbare fiscal reputation is an increasingly reckless game. In the latest exercise of irresponsibility for political gain, Mr. Bush reportedly...
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    Rem Koolhaas, the Irreverent – Neither Modernist nor Historicist

    Warning: This thread if copied may activate EC ... Courtesy Greenspace By eschewing altogether the tiring polemics of Modernism vs. Historicism, he presents an architecture of wonder without resorting to the bizarre. Note: he is not a formalist, yet he creates form; he is not a...
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    "White City" of the Bauhaus in Tel Aviv: 1931 - 1956

    Warning: This thread if copied may activate EC © 2006 tel aviv 4 fun Within the well-worn twists and turns of Modernism's history, there are repeated references to ‘white' somewhere in the re-telling. Sometimes it relates to purity of form, other times to idealism, often to something...
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    The Most Beautiful Buildings in the World-Highrise/Skycraper

    Not my title, just what was placed on a video slide presentation on YouTube from September. Added: September 02, 2007 From: TouleyS Atlanta,Boston,Charlotte,Chicago spire,Cleveland,Dallas,Dubai,Frankfurt,G oungzhou,Hong Kong,Houston,Kuala Lumpur,Las Vegas,Los...
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    Homeless II - Shelters designed for Chicago by Helmut Jahn and Stanley Tigerman

    Warning: This thread if copied may activate EC . This is called 'Homeless II,' because I consider this to be a thematic follow-on to a prior thread on the UT, which focused on what to do with the homeless in our midst, after a man was murdered in Toronto, by allegedly homeless "panhandlers"...
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    “The Future of Architecture†in Cincinnati Ohio, USA

    Imagine yourself in a room with these people: Richard Meier Michael Graves Peter Eisenman Charles Gwathmey -o- Stanley Tigerman Henri Cobb -o- Paul Goldberger ... And More Then imagine yourself being introduced to these people, only after discussing, arguably, one of the most thought provoking...