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  1. ganjavih

    De Rosario paints a scary picture of growing up in Scarborough

    Was Scarborough this bad in the early 80s? The Canadian hails from Scarborough - a crime-ridden area of greater Toronto known as the 'gang-infested wild, wild east'. And he admitted his upbringing was as...
  2. ganjavih

    Tired of the Toronto box?

    Anyone else getting tired of the Toronto box? I mean, they're nice and all, and recent boxes such as Spire and Murano are quite attractive. But can't we try something different? The positive aspect of the sale of the 1BE site is that a new more interesting design is now possible. What do you...
  3. ganjavih

    Toronto from Porter Airlines

    Here's the fine view of TO you get with Porter. Thought I'd share...
  4. ganjavih

    Italy-Germany train help please!

    Hey UT folks, I need your help. I have the following itinerary planned and would like to know how to book it to get the best deal. Are there any passes that would make it cheaper? Would an ISIC card help? Can I book in person at the last minute? How much better is 1st class? How hard is it...
  5. ganjavih

    Pastries in TO

    Living in Montreal now, I've become quite spoiled with the assortment and availability of pastries found all over the city. Where does one find good fresh pastries in Toronto? In particular, cheese bagels, puff pastries, and fresh croissants (especially almond, mmm). I love those...
  6. ganjavih

    World's most economically powerful cities (TO #10) EXCERPT: Toronto, Canada GDP (2005): $209 billion GDP (2020): $327 billion Growth rate: 3% MasterCard ranking: 13 Population (2007): 5,213,000 Purchasing power (NYC=100): 113.8%...
  7. ganjavih

    Toronto canyons

    Urban canyons are somewhat rare in Toronto. Here are some I came across on the 'net. Post your canyon pics here.
  8. ganjavih

    Toronto's true fears

    Toronto's true fear is not of heights, but of streetwalls and shadows. Discuss.
  9. ganjavih

    Toronto's condo towers

    I think architecture has improved in Toronto in the last few years and there is a lot of exciting development going on. I like a lot of the lowrise to midrise infill projects, but continue to be underwhelmed by the quality of the condo towers we're getting. What's the best condo tower...
  10. ganjavih

    The Prince Arthur - Yay or Nay?

    I thought I'd set up a poll gauging people's opinions on the Prince Arthur. Well, what do you think?
  11. ganjavih

    Historic subway cars vandalized

    Historic subway cars vandalized Vintage Toronto subway cars were spraypainted by vandals at the Ontario Electric Railway Historical Association museum in Milton. Jan 10, 2008 11:35 AM Curtis Rush STAFF REPORTER Halton police are...
  12. ganjavih

    Pic of the Day

    Any way to make it bigger?
  13. ganjavih

    San Diego - Tijuana

    I just got back from a neuroscience conference in San Diego. I don't have much to say about the conference because I really went to shop and sightsee. I apologise for the lousy weather... and the pics don't convey how yummy the guacamole is in Tijuana, but here they are anyway... Our lovely...
  14. ganjavih

    Random TO pics from Thanksgiving weekend

    I was back in town over the weekend... here's the proof...
  15. ganjavih

    Late night car rentals in downtown TO

    Anyone know of any late night car rental joints in downtown TO? Any way to avoid having to go to the airport? Anyone have any experience with Enterprise or any other car rental place that will meet you where you are? Thanks in advance.
  16. ganjavih

    Buildings you'd like to obliterate...

    As Hipster Duck suggested in the parking lot thread, buildings we'd like to see demolished deserves its own thread. OK, everyone, time to vent! I'll start... that horribly out of place slab apartment building in Grange Park. Ugh.
  17. ganjavih

    Montreal beats out Toronto for catching world's eye as tourist destination

    Montreal beats out Toronto for catching world's eye as tourist destination Sep 08, 2007 04:30 AM The one area where Toronto fared badly in the international press was tourism – it was mentioned as a tourist destination in only 1 per cent...
  18. ganjavih

    Real Estate Section

    Anyone else having trouble opening the Real Estate forum? I get an error message whenever I try to open it.
  19. ganjavih

    Pedestrians spooked by sex, drugs and defecation in Calgary pedways

    Pedestrians spooked by sex, drugs and defecation in Calgary pedways CanWest News Service; Calgary Herald Published: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 CALGARY - Calgary's unique...
  20. ganjavih

    O, Canada! More Americans Heading North O, Canada! More Americans Heading North The Number of Americans Moving to Canada in 2006 Hit a 30-Year High By MARCUS BARAM July 31, 2007 It may seem like a quiet country where not much happens besides ice hockey, curling and beer...