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    A bigger Canada?

    I'll guess that there's not another thread around here, but I somehow feel like it's a pretty hot, if closeted, issue. So, to be blunt, we're a very sparsely populated country. Second largest country in the world, a huge amount of fresh water, but a pretty tiny population. Yet we're...
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    What to do with the Holy Land?

    For hundreds of years, the Holy Land has been one of the most hotly contested pieces of real estate on Earth. Essentially since time immemorial, we've had different groups laying claim to this small tract of land. And now, we've got a serious crisis when it comes to the question of what we...
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    What'll happen in 2012?

    To go along with the global warming thread that's up, here's a poll as to what you think about 2012. As a little background information, December 21, 2012 is the calculated end of the final cycle in the Mayan Calender. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the end of the calender, but just...
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    Student Arrested at Northern Secondary School

    This seems to be gaining a fair bit of controversy and media coverage, I believe it was on CP24 a couple nights ago. Earlier this month, a student at Northern Secondary School was arrested by a police officer who was assigned to the school. The students are alleging that the arrest was...
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    What makes Toronto... Toronto?

    Greetings Torontonians, Toronto lovers and column C. I'm assuming that if you're on this forum, Toronto means something to you. I have one question that's been bothering me for a while. What makes Toronto special? We're a pretty average city on a bunch of levels. Our population isn't...
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    Downtown Markham

    I was looking at the Downtown Markham website and saw some of it's plans, and I am impressed (I have been since the Motorola building popped up years ago.) However, I have a couple of questions that can't seem to be answered by the website, wikipedia or a quick search on google. I then saw...
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    Steeles RT

    I've been wondering for a while what people think about the idea of some form of rapid transit on Steeles Road, at least in the Toronto-York Region stretch. While the demand isn't there, it would provide a good link between Toronto and York Region. I was thinking the best option would be a...
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    Don Valley: An Urban Park?

    Today, I was biking down Don Valley while pathetically trying to find the belt line bike path (I never found it) and I thought for a second, trying to imagine the area around the valley fully developed, with condos and apartments, maybe some office buildings, then I thought something: The Don...
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    No VIVA Route Expansion?

    I'm surprised nobody's made a thread about this (unless I'm missing out on something) but I'm wondering why VIVA has no talk of making more bus routes. I know once Downtown Markham has gotten on it's feet they're planning to make VIVA Green all day service, but I don't see anything about any...