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  1. JoeParez

    Toronto | Etobicoke Civic Centre | 75.82m | 16s | CreateTO | Henning Larsen

    This whole gold trend is getting out of hand, especially with anodizing. The architect is probably looking for Gold Anodizing which costs an arm and a leg and there are very few vendors in Ontario that offer it. The issue with it is that all your material has to be anodized at the same time to...
  2. JoeParez

    Rogers Centre Renovations

    Rendering fans into the stands is probably the only way that Tampa can get fans into the stands. 😄😄 I agree that you can just slap on brick and call it retro, but you can refresh the exterior with brick or panels/siding. A feature wall or elevation could be done with the precast brick, or ACM...
  3. JoeParez

    Rogers Centre Renovations

    If it makes it any better, the team that redesigned the Dunedin complex is the same team that's going to take on the Rogers Centre Renos. By all accounts, the redesigned Dunedin complex was a success.
  4. JoeParez

    Rogers Centre Renovations

    Ahh! I knew they were! But I was doubting my aging brain. So I didn't mention it. Probably could have Googled it.
  5. JoeParez

    Rogers Centre Renovations

    Yes you can. You have to take into account what''s already been done at the Rogers Centre leading up to this. The concourse was opened up, the Flight Deck was done, the roof and its mechanisms were repaired. Some big ticket items have already been taken care of. The building structurally is in...
  6. JoeParez

    Toronto | 410 Sherbourne | 132m | 39s | Sorbara | Graziani + Corazza

    Buddy! That was 2006! What a show with Converge opening. The sound was terrible though, as is standard for The Phoenix.
  7. JoeParez

    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    I have no idea if you're being serious or not, but you're looking at an unfinished product and standard construction materials/practices. The downspout isn't exposed, it's hidden within a steel beam that's going to be cladded over. This is a typical detail. The "aluminum tape" is a...
  8. JoeParez

    Rutherford GO Station (Metrolinx, 6s, ?)

    Fun fact, those vertical "parabolic" fins are being supplied and installed by my former colleagues. I did the shop drawings for this project just before I left that company. It looks great. So happy to see it!
  9. JoeParez

    Toronto | Manulife Centre Podium and Streetscape Renewal | 9.75m | 2s | Manulife Real Estate | MdeAS Architects

    It definitely would. However, I've been so spoiled with the fact that I grew up in Woodbridge and knew of other places to find imported Italian products that I get turned off by Eataly as well. But I appreciate the eye that it brings to actualy Italian products and truly celebrating every region...
  10. JoeParez

    Toronto | Manulife Centre Podium and Streetscape Renewal | 9.75m | 2s | Manulife Real Estate | MdeAS Architects

    Or just take a trip up to Woodbridge where you'll find most of the products at Eataly for half the price. Pro-Tip: Quality Cheese and Seafood Depot Inc. I couldn't believe it when I saw a bag of Mulino Bianco "Abbracci" cookies for $9.00. They retail for about 1,63 € in Italy.
  11. JoeParez

    Toronto | Minto Westside | 68.88m | 20s | Minto Group | Wallman Architects

    Here was my view at the very top of Tower 1 -- trying to get accurate height dimensions for my louvers all around the mechanical penthouse. Sorry for the bad photo - it was very hazy yesterday morning.
  12. JoeParez

    Toronto | DUKE Condos | 25.91m | 7s | TAS | BDP Quadrangle

    It just took two years but it's nice to see that roof top mechanical screen finally installed! :-)
  13. JoeParez

    Toronto | Casa III Condos | 179.52m | 55s | Cresford | a—A

    It does. but it's also a waste of 4000 sq.ft. of architectural louver being hidden behind that facade. Which is why CASA III is my preference. :) Source: They are my louvers.
  14. JoeParez

    Toronto | 87 Peter | 156.05m | 49s | Menkes | Core Architects

    No problem! I feel like I could add a lot of insight to a good percentage of the projects on this forum considering the work that I do. For example, we just finished our work at River City 3. Anyway, seems like what you're seeing is the final product. 1/4" thick, laser cut aluminum plate...
  15. JoeParez

    Toronto | 87 Peter | 156.05m | 49s | Menkes | Core Architects

    Haha. No I'm not the fabricator, sorry! :-) I work for another sub on the job and required the cladding shop drawings for my drawings & coordination.
  16. JoeParez

    Toronto | 87 Peter | 156.05m | 49s | Menkes | Core Architects

    Seems to be completely random. Nothing on the shop drawings suggests what the inspiration was.
  17. JoeParez

    Toronto | 87 Peter | 156.05m | 49s | Menkes | Core Architects

    This is what the "artwork" is supposed to look like. Hopefully, I'm allowed to post that. :-P
  18. JoeParez

    Toronto | 87 Peter | 156.05m | 49s | Menkes | Core Architects

    You're right. The black panel installed right now is the underside of the "aluminum plate artwork panel". From what I know, this is to be installed at the end of March. Source: looking directly at the cladding shop drawings.
  19. JoeParez

    Toronto | Finch West LRT and TYSSE: Finch West Station | ?m | ?s | Mosiac TG | Arup

    It's more like "We don't like to pay any of our vendors but give us your product right now!".
  20. JoeParez

    Toronto | 383 Sorauren Avenue | 33.83m | 10s | Gairloch | a—A

    How did you get into the building after 5:00pm? Are you saying you were an intruder? I must call the authorities! :-P Just kidding. Great shots. Doesn't bother me at all.