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  1. Spring2008

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Kensington's getting dense!
  2. Spring2008

    Calgary 2019 Civic Census

    Somebody's got to put together an updated u/c unit count list for the City Centre. Including those 3 towers that weren't yet added last census there's got to be about 3,500 units u/c in the Beltline alone not including the potential 800 units at Place 10 which appears to close to starting...
  3. Spring2008

    Calgary 2019 Civic Census

    Just slightly under 45k for the City Centre - not bad. Beltline growth a bit disappointing at only approx 200 residents this yr, but understandable after 1,700 increase last yr. Underwood and probably The Royal wouldn't have been occupied either, so probably more of a timing issue this yr. I...
  4. Spring2008

    Calgary | Park Central | 134m | 39s | Hines | S.C.B.

    This one has a big street presence. I'd love to see the trend of bigger podiums in new Beltline developments continue. Much more important than tower height in adding to the urban realm of the neighborhood.
  5. Spring2008

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    University District already looking good. Another brownfield development for the NW. Lots of densification happening in the general area..
  6. Spring2008

    Calgary | PLATFORM | 21m | 6s | CMLC | Kasian

    Excuse the shitty quality. Lots going on in the area. Can see Curtis Block start to rise too. Excited to see convention center and arena get started along with some new hotels around here too.
  7. Spring2008

    Calgary | New Central Library | ?m | 6s | Calgary Library | Snøhetta

    Didn't have my camera with me but had to snap some pics. What a beautiful building inside and out. Was very active too. Amazing addition for the community - I'll be there more often!
  8. Spring2008

    Calgary | Arris - 5th and Third | 142m | 41s | Embassy Bosa | Amanat Architect

    On my way to airport this morning noticed a mobile crane on site, looked to be installing the crane. The waterfront area in EV is looking good!
  9. Spring2008

    Calgary | Louis on 9th | ?m | 12s | Landstar

    Having this one and the RNDSQR site developed would be amazing. I also think Avli/South Bank will be great additions to the neighborhood. Seems to me that Inglewood may take on a Gastown feel once there's more vibrancy and quality development completed!
  10. Spring2008

    Calgary | Steps Bridgeland | 18m | 6s | Giustini Development | Sturgess

    Nice - I like how the midrise districts are gaining momentum in Calgary. The rise of our mini-hubs (Kensington, Inglewood, Bridgeland, Marda Loop, Mission, EV, 17th Ave) outside of the core is making Calgary starting to feel like a big city. During summer weekends there's already many events...
  11. Spring2008

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I was shocked to see development notice signage for a modern multi-res midrise development at this site along Macleod. Can't find a link to the development anywhere online. Has to be the ugliest strip in the inner-city, but it's good to see new development in pretty much every inner-city...
  12. Spring2008

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I agree - was hoping for at least a midrise area within the mix. Hope we don`t end up with sterile towers, but the public realm discussion throughout the master plan shows promise.
  13. Spring2008

    25th Ave SE LRT Grade Separation

    This link may get started soonish. Looks like Crosstown by Anthem may be a go according to the Conference Board of Canada Cgy Metropolitan Autumn 2018 report.
  14. Spring2008

    Calgary | PLATFORM | 21m | 6s | CMLC | Kasian

    Spotted a drill in the distance here on the way to work this morning. Not wasting any time!
  15. Spring2008

    Calgary | The Barron | 43m | 11s | Strategic Group | Gibbs Gage

    I love the potential of this conversion. The financials won't make sense to convert the large floor plate Class AA/A office buildings, but there's still a decent amount of class B/C that will likely be converted over time. Especially if they run the risk of very limited occupancy over large...
  16. Spring2008

    Calgary | TELUS Sky | 222.19m | 60s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    Forgot to post - from last week.
  17. Spring2008

    General Construction Updates