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    Northern Ontario Highways - Proposals

    An Ontario Northland thread got a little off topic so I figured I would bring it here: Suggested Improvements to Infrastructure: Complete Highway 400 to just past Cartier (Geneva Lake interchange) connecting Central Ontario into northern Ontario more quickly. Getting from Sudbury to past...
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    TTC Budgeting

    Most of the threads are about projects, service, etc. This thread is about budgeting in general. This is about paying for basics like bus replacements, repair, fleet expansion, etc. We know during the start of the 21st century there were posters exclaiming the fleet replacement costs coming...
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    Emery Village

    There didn't seem to be an Emery Village thread anywhere. With the giant flag in the news I thought I would start discussion. I don't understand why this giant flag pole is a project. It is not in a walkable area, it isn't enough of a draw by itself to actually have people go there unless...
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    Postings with Duplicate Information Debate

    Is there any new information in that article?
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    Transit Too Slow!!!!!

    Metrolinx really needs to get their act together. At the speed of the systems they are proposing how are we supposed to get to Alpha Centauri which is 4.37 light years away. That will be a ridiculous commute on a 30km/h LRT. Voyaguer 1 going 17km/s is a bit better but still... at that rate my...
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    What is going on in Oakwood these days? I am noticing that all the cheap single detached properties near downtown are in Oakwood. Is there an undocumented problem in the neighbourhood?
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    GO On-time Performance and Overload Stats

    GO Transit has started posting its on-time performance and overload statistics on-line. It really shows where the priorities should be as far as adding trains and adding track. Milton is the worst performer in terms of...
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    What's so bad with Tights on Men from Chicago?

    I keep hearing about people concerned about Men in Chicago Men in Tights. What's that about?
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    St. Louis Bar &Grill

    Are all the St.Louis priced the same? I went to the one at Cityplace the other night because I had heard the wings were good it seems overpriced. I pay about the same for The Keg and leave full. I had wings and rib combo and there were only about six baby wings. Very good quality though. I...
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    Urban Toronto Logo?

    Is it possible to change the vBulletin logo to the Urban Toronto logo? I miss the days of picture of the day and a branded Urban Toronto forum.