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  1. Goldie

    Housing costs

    Same old! same old! -------- It was the same story 85 years ago! When new homes cost $6,000 - read this 1930 article ----------- "Home Ownership Costs Must Be Reduced" (on page 11) At:
  2. Goldie

    Remembering The Great War

    One hundred years ago Great Britain declared war (Aug. 4, 1914). Canadian troops prepare for embarkation at St. John, NB (1915).
  3. Goldie

    Goldie's "Good Signs"

    I've recently been fascinated by 'signs' and am particularly fond of the exclamation: "That's a good sign!"
  4. Goldie

    Where have all the cars gone?

    I was quite taken with k10ery's comment (July 30) regarding "… the end of our love affair with the motor car." I've been surprised lately by the many empty auto dealerships around Scarborough. Here's a few: Alex Irvine Motors on Lawrence E. has been closed for many years - time enough...
  5. Goldie

    Leaside and its Aerodrome

    Perhaps we should have a thread dedicated to Leaside (and its airport, too). This historic bridge (to be found today at Eglinton & Leslie), built in 1884, may have been the only sign of civilization (other than farms) in this area 127 years ago. And the history of the Leaside Aerodrome leaves...
  6. Goldie

    Goldie's Oldies

  7. Goldie

    Appropriate sign during heat-wave

    Sign at a Scarborough church.
  8. Goldie


    A tribute
  9. Goldie

    Donlands CPR Station - 1932

    Does anyone have knowledge of this station (highlighted in red on attached map) which appears to have been on a RR line where it crosses Don Mills Rd., just north of the present Eglinton Ave. I had never before known of such a station. The map is dated 1932. Since I grew up on Donlands...
  10. Goldie

    Map showing location of Donlands station

    Is there a map that shows the location of the Bloor subway stations in relation to the streets above? I'd like to see where the Donlands station is located. Is it under the houses on Strathmore - the stores on Danforth - or directly under one of those streets?
  11. Goldie

    Should this site be developed?

    Wouldn't this make a spectacular site for a circular, hundred-storey high-rise? Just trying to be provocative - but I'd love to see such a structure!
  12. Goldie

    Goldie's trip to City Hall

    I was attracted by the Toronto City Hall Outdoor Art Exhibit on Sat., July 10 and had a great time exploring the surrounding neighbourhood with these results: I was surprised to see the demolition taking place in Nathan Phillips Square:
  13. Goldie

    Goldie's Toronto

    I'd like to display some old files as well as new ones. Let's start with these: - Hockey in suburbia - Scarborough - CN & Towers of salt - Photos at Ogoode hall - Boop on Danforth - Shooting the Archer - Pigeon roost - Old City hall
  14. Goldie

    Some telephoto images

    Toronto east end views 1) Lawrence Ave E. looking east from Victoria Park 2) Downtown from Lawrence and Victoria Park
  15. Goldie

    Hwy 401 east & west

    Just a couple of Toronto "traffic" shots:
  16. Goldie

    concrete steps - FREE

    FREE - two concrete steps - excellent condition Will be found at the end of Tralee Ave., Scarborough