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  1. Kaizen

    Participatory Canada initiative.

    Could this symposium be another key to creating solutions that help reduce some of the diverse societal ills that have been increasing in our communities: Crime, poverty, homelessness, nimbyism, sprawl, mental/emotional/spiritual/physical health syndrome? Or does it just create more...
  2. Kaizen

    Alcohol consumption at designated City-run picnic sites

    We want your input on whether to allow alcohol consumption at designated City-run picnic sites. Currently, alcohol consumption is not permitted in parks and is a ticketable offence. These survey results will be used to help make a decision on whether alcohol consumption should be permitted at...
  3. Kaizen

    Edmonton | Army & Navy Redevelopment | ?m | 6s | Edgar

    Sad to see Army and Navy closed and boarded up.
  4. Kaizen

    Edmonton | Rosecroft Avonmore | 15m | 3s | Rosecroft Custom Homes

    I just emailed Andrew to inquire who's involved, hopefully, good news.
  5. Kaizen

    French Quarter Mixed Use | ?m | 2s | Caliber Master Builder

    Took this shot on the 16th. Small build on 92st in the French Quarter. Anyways, I was just curious about the developer as it seems they are mainly single family homes, nice to see.
  6. Kaizen

    Edmonton | Urban Green Cohousing | 15m | 4s | Urban Green | DIALOG

    Urban Green Coop Cohousing, excavation of the four lots underway. I did a search but couldn't find if this has been posted before. 10115-88 Ave 26 dwellings From today, I heard about this project from a friend who used to live in one of the houses a few years...
  7. Kaizen

    Western Canada Fashion Week

    A lot of amazing ideas and events have manifest from Edmonton's local talent pool Western Canada Fashion Week presents "FEARLESS" "Western Canada Fashion Week (WCFW), which was established in 2003, has developed into a nationally-recognized fashion and design event and the second-largest...
  8. Kaizen

    Marathons & General Racing Events

    The 28th annual Edmonton Marathon Family Festival Weekend (August 17-18, 2019). With over 4,500 participants over the race weekend, the energy of a downtown Start/Finish line has generated a lot of excitement with more spectators, an increase in volunteer involvement and a better experience...
  9. Kaizen

    Folk Festival, Gallager Park

    Forty years young and getting better and better.
  10. Kaizen

    Giovanni Caboto Park

    Heart of the City Festival, June 2/19 Good times !
  11. Kaizen

    Downtown Farmers Market

    Opening day, Saturday May 18th Very busy market. Every vendor I spoke with was very positive and happy with the turnout. I too like this location. As I walked a few blocks around the neighborhood I could feel the cool vibe of this market spilling out everywhere.
  12. Kaizen

    Edmonton | Prairie Sky Gondola | 76.2m | ?s | Prairie Sky | DIALOG

    The Edmonton Project winners now have a name & website up (for awhile now) & are rolling along nicely. They might deserve their own thread...