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  1. RedRocket191

    RailOntario - A vision of

    Once upon a time, railways crisscrossed Ontario and moved freight and passengers between almost every city, town and village and town But, as roads were improved and automobiles and trucks became more popular, passengers and shippers migrated to other means of travel and railways were gradually...
  2. RedRocket191

    Union Station platform renumbering and signage

    Makes sense to me, although I never really found the A/B thing confusing. From my observations, the most confusing part for new riders was the meaning of "Wait for info." At Union Station, this means that the train isn't ready to board yet. At airports, this usually means that something is...
  3. RedRocket191

    GTHA Transit Fare Integration

    As we all know, the current fare system in the GTHA has changed little in the last few decades. The TTC does not accept transfers from the 905 systems, requiring you to pay a second fare to cross the city limits. Also, while most 905 systems offer a discounted fare for passengers traveling to a...
  4. RedRocket191

    Grey, Bruce & Dufferin Counties [to be moved]

    I went on a road trip today to Wheelfast the Bike Shoppe in Scone, Ontario, passing through many small towns along the way. On my way home, I decided follow the Saugeen River instead of the way I came. It was a great decision, and I got some great pictures of Hanover and Mount Forest. Here's...
  5. RedRocket191

    Buy a ticket to ride - on the 401 -- Toronto Star

    From Today's Toronto Star: Pros: Serves as an uptown-airport link, and can be connected to the Sheppard subway to complete its original intention: Yonge to STC. Serves as a connection between the inner suburbs (Mississauga City Centre and Pickering Town Centre) and employment areas in...
  6. RedRocket191

    Urban Toronto wiki?

    Here's an idea that has worked wonders on the Canadian Public Transportation Discussion Board to cut down on the endless threads of new bus sightings: Could it be possible to create a Urban Toronto wiki? I find that half of the flame-wars are caused by disagreements over semantics. If we...
  7. RedRocket191

    Best Evening News in Toronto

    I've been a loyal CITY TV viewer for 20 years, but I'm becoming very frustrated with their turn to american style outrage journalism. "Find out the mistake that coffee drinkers can't afford to make... tonight at 6." "Find out what it killing your children and why the government isn't doing...
  8. RedRocket191

    Peterborough Commuter Rail

    I stand by my statement:p Besides, it was 4:15 when I posted that. Can you blame me?
  9. RedRocket191

    Officially Unofficial Metrolinx Regional Transportation Plan Thread

    For those who don't know, I'm one of a diverse group of people who form the Metrolinx Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Advisory Committee (AC). Our job is to analyze the public comment on the Metrolinx discussion papers, and eventually, the RTP that will guide the Greater Toronto / Hamilton...
  10. RedRocket191

    Tenant, 77, wins battle to stay put - Toronto Star

    From today's Star: I was outraged when I first heard this story a few months ago, but now that I see how humbled and gracious she is, I'm having second thoughts.
  11. RedRocket191

    Summerhill neighbourhood boundaries

    I'm wondering what everyone consideres the boundaries for the Summerhill neighbourhood. Just curious, and no reasonable answer will be ignored.