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    Top ten cities beloved by the super-rich (We're #9) Toronto comes in at #9
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    The Hidden Cost of Condos

    While the city, and many here, like to point to the number of condos (or cranes in the skyline) as a useful metric in gauging Toronto, there is another side to the issue. Have a look at this article regarding Vancouver, which is applicable to Toronto ........ "First, Vancouver’s success...
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    Toronto: Three Cities in More than One Way

    Toronto: Three Cities in More than One Way selected quotes
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    George Smitherman's campaign donor list still MIA?

    Was it ever released? Is there a deadline for him to release it?
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    How accurate is MPAC?

    How close to market value is your assessment? The last assessment period was based on a valuation date of December 31, 2008. Thinking about values on that date, how would you rate the accuracy. On average, the people I asked, said that their assessments typically were about 85% of the...
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    TTC expansion - Lessons from LA and NYC

    An interesting observation from the recent Land Lines......... The point I find most interesting is that LA and NYC have similar population densities yet NYC has dearly 5 times the transit ridership. Really, TC and other expansions should be shelved until the city gets serious about...
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    Ontario municipalities treat small businesses like “cash cowsâ€

    With very few exceptions, Ontario’s business property owners are hugely overtaxed for benefits delivered to all Ontarians, according to the latest CFIB report, “The Tale of Two Tax Rates: How Ontario and its Municipalities Tax Business Propertiesâ€. In almost all of the 201 Ontario...
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    Adelaide and Richmond dead during rush hour

    From Adam Vaughan in today's NP... Everyone fears that the cars will go crazy because they won't be able to get into the city quickly," Mr. Vaughan (Trinity Spadina) said yesterday. "The reality is, if you go down there at rush hour, there are no cars on Adelaide whatsoever, so you've got...
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    An unflattering look at the Boston Consulting Group

    It seems the BCG is well connected in Toronto, so this might be of interest to some. Opinion: The story BCG offered me $16,000 not to tell.
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    Historical designation prior to being built?

    I am aware that Union station has a historical designation. Plans to to renovate and expand Union station include excavating a portion and creating a new shopping area. Will this area receive the tax benefit from the designation (~50% less)?
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    Former Mayor : Toronto = Crybabies
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    Filling Toronto's Fiscal Hole In One Shot

    On average in the GTA (excluding Toronto), the development fees per single family dwelling unit is $36,222. In Toronto it is $12,910. Giving us a difference of $23,312 per unit. Toronto has had over 10,00 starts per year since 2001. Some years it has been over 20,000 starts per year. If we use...
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    The Ruse of the Creative Class
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    Post your ideas for a better Toronto.

    Spun off from another thread... Post your idea's to make Toronto better. From putting this city on a sustainable fiscal path to any other improvements. Please try to include information on how things will be paid for. Suggesting a major expansion to Toronto's subway system without offering...
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    Your day of financial reckoning is nigh, Toronto

    Some biased quotes below...
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    A look at past forecasts for Toronto City Place was supposed to have had six million sq ft of office space!
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    Toronto by the numbers The above link is a good source for financial information. Looking at just four expenses, ignoring any provincially mandated and cost shared programs, demonstrates this. To provide General Government , Protection to persons...
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    An Obliterated City: On The Ground In Detroit A sad and sobering read.
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    CMHC: Canada's Freddie and Fannie? continues....
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    Communities in Boom report: Toronto dead last

    Communities in Boom: Canada’s Top Entrepreneurial Cities’s_top_entrepreneurial_cities.html Toronto is now dead last on a list of 96, while suburban Toronto, known as the 905...