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  1. APTA-2048

    Montréal Photos

    I was in Montreal early this February as well as this week. I go there pretty often to visit friends and just explore the city. Here are a few of the photos I took that I really liked: Skyline from the VIA Train Farine Five Roses from the VIA Train Gare Windsor Système in Métro Namur...
  2. APTA-2048

    San Francisco & area

    I thought I'd share some photos of San Fancisco and the surrounding area I uploaded to Flickr. I'll be adding more as time permits and will post them here. I went in the summer of 2005 to visit family and see the city. 1050 Van Ness Ave This is where I satyed at the corner of Van Ness...
  3. APTA-2048

    TTC Subway Font Display

    Quite pleased to see this display put up in the George Brown School of Design by Dominion Modern. It highlights David Vereschagin's exploration and revival of the font "Toronto Subway". What caught my attention was the clever recreation of a Vitrolite wall with card and string. TTC...
  4. APTA-2048

    Behind the Scenes at TTC

    Behind the Scenes at the TTC I'd like to share some photos of parts of the TTC not ordinarily seen by the public. Thanks to the TTC Tours (a great PR move in my opinion) anyone can view them. The first set of photos are of the McCowan complex. It was built in 1983 and houses all the...
  5. APTA-2048

    Milton Transit Gets Festive

    A nice touch from Milton Transit for the holiday season. Vancouver also does this (been doing it for some time now). Hopefully it becomes a tradition in Milton too.
  6. APTA-2048

    Strathcona County Trials a Double Decker

    Strathcona County Transit in Alberta will begin running a double decker demo on their commuter service between Edmonton and Sherwood Park beginning mid-September. They will be gauging its performance, passenger opinion, and operator opinion over a year. Strathcona already uses articulated...
  7. APTA-2048

    New Montreal Metro Door Chime — "Dou-dou-dou"

    The famous ascending three note tone, "dou dou dou", which has become synonymous with the Montreal Metro is being used as the new door chime, followed by an announcement. The "dou dou dou" originates from the sound of the acceleration of the MR-73 stock and was likely popularized through the...
  8. APTA-2048

    Building Interiors

    Anyone else on here fond of building interiors, perhaps more so than exteriors? I find I'm that way and I find I'm particularly fond of interiors from the 1970s and 1980s. I'm also facinated at how interiors change during renovations/refurbishments. I've been taking photos of interiors I've...
  9. APTA-2048

    GO Transit Schedules and Maps Survey

    I know I've read on here that some believe improvements can made to GO's scheduals and maps. This is your chance to have your say through an online survey found here. The survey asks some detailed questions about what you think of all forms of schedual information including availability and...
  10. APTA-2048

    TTC Ticket Kiosk at Pearson

    From member Orion 7029 on the CPTDB: The TTC is trialing a TTC ticket kiosk at the airport begining today. Tickets purchased with coins, credit cards, and debit cards (note: no change will be given) will be sold for use on the TTC service there. See full thread here: Ticket Kiosk at Pearson
  11. APTA-2048

    Montreal Métro New Stock - MR-08

    The STM has issued a call for tenders for their new rolling stock. The document can be found here: link. Rendering of the exterior: Rendering of the interior:
  12. APTA-2048

    What do you call someone from...?

    A person from Toronto is known as a Torontonian, but there are some other other places that I wonder what their citizens are known as. What do you call someone from: Pickering, Vaughan, Markham, Belleville, Windsor, Welland, Coboug, Tecumseh
  13. APTA-2048

    CP24 On the Rocket

    Today is the premier of CP24's new show with host Adam Giambrone broadcast live from a runing TTC streetcar 8pm to 9pm. Viewers can phone, email, tweet, or board the streetcar to contact the show. It's an interesting concept, and looks good so far.
  14. APTA-2048

    TTC Tours

    Any one interested in seeing the behind the scenes of the TTC should keep an eye on this page: TTC Tours The recent one and up-comming one sold out quick. I managed to get a spot on the first one, and when I went to post the link here a bit later, the page was taken down. I'm definately...
  15. APTA-2048

    Megabus Canada Service

    Megabus, the original $1 bus, is set to have it's official launch tomorrow at 100 King St. W. Link Megabus, which started in the UK, is a low cost inter-city bus service from Stagecoach Group. Depending on how early you purchase your ticket via the internet, your trip can be as low as $1 plus...
  16. APTA-2048

    Horrible or Subpar Films

    I guess inspired by the great films thread: what films have you found to be horrible or subpar? Some off the top of my head: Cube (1997) Clown at Midnight (1998) I Know Who Killed Me (2007) Vantage Point (2008)