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  1. bangkok

    The Post Condos (Dundas and Postridge - Oakville)

    I searched but didn't see a thread nor a database entry for this Greenpark project now under construction on the north side of Dundas just east of Trafalgar. July 30th-shoring underway.
  2. bangkok

    Toronto | 1575 Hurontario | 13.23m | 4s | Woodmere | Contempostudio

    Townhomes project on the site of a long since torn down McDonald's restaurant east side of Hurontario at Pinetree way. Photo from May 29th
  3. bangkok

    Delmanor - 25 Butternut Ridge Trl, Aurora,

    New retirement home in Aurora nearing completion I stumbled across yesterday. .
  4. bangkok

    Toronto | Partners Community Health LTC Homes | ?m | ?s | Trillium Health Partners | DIALOG

    Two cranes up at the new Trillium Health Partners long term care home under construction at 2200 speakman drive (Mississauga). Aerial from today:
  5. bangkok

    Toronto | Sheridan Crossing | ?m | 17s | Starlight

    I was unable to find this in the database or in the buildings forum. Photos from Aug 8th.
  6. bangkok

    DJI Mavic Mini Drone for sale

    I've got a new bird coming so I am putting my existing one up for sale: Great deal on a like new DJI Mavic Mini - Fly More Combo with just over 15 hours of total flight time. Perfect for someone looking to enter the hobby as no Transport Canada license or Registration is necessary for this...
  7. bangkok

    Some GTA Aerials by Bangkok (Covid19 induced Boredom)

    Let's try this out. Sheridan Park Mississauga. Starting Feb 2018 August 2018 - A few floors up. April 2020 - Almost done. I need to go back and shoot this from the same angle as the first two photos.