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    Calgary | Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    Honestly I think the best way to improve this section of Crowchild would be to expand the section on the hill near 16th to 3 lanes each way. This is the primary bottle neck that really slows things down. Not sure how they'd do that though, it's a pretty tight spot.
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    Crane Count

    Not totally certain, just saw it going up as I was driving down Crowchild
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    Crane Count

    Looks like a cranes going up in Currie atm
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I forget if this has been posted or not but the site on 10th Street where that old apartment building was torn down has a sign posted out front saying it's been conditionally sold! So hopefully that means some action on that parcel in the next few years! It's a prime spot and I think it would...
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    Weather and Gardening Discussion

    Agreed, Calgary has by far the best summer weather of any place I've ever lived or traveled. Too bad it's short lived and often ruined by wildfires...
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    Aerial Calgary Photos

    Seriously big city vibes
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    Calgary | Wellings of Calgary | 49.68m | 14s | Wellings of Calgary | Onespace

    Glad to see this one is finally breaking above ground. It feels like this one's been going forever. Can't wait to see some new towers out in the burbs!
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    General Construction Updates

    Pretty sure the units will be accessible from both sides. Seems like a fairly well designed shopping centre. At least, it's better than most.
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    Calgary | Alto | 24m | 6s | Minto

    Really glad to see this lot filled! Looks like a great project for the location
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    Calgary | Varsity Mixed Use | 25.91m | 6s | City of Calgary | MBAC

    Looks like they're hoping to release a master plan later this year! I'm really curious to see what they come up with! They nailed U/D so hopefully they'll be able to come up with something world class
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    Calgary | AHC 6th Ave | 25m | 6s | Attainable Homes Calgary | Hindle Architects

    I'm into it. Looks fine, and tbh I'm just glad to see a parking lot get filled in. Truth is the market in Calgary isn't (and probably won't be) hot enough to fill each and every empty parcel with a tower, so in the time being I'd be happy to see a couple dozen buildings like this built in the...
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    General Construction Updates

    Small project next to Confederation Park
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    Calgary | Block 23 - Central Park | 12m | 3s | Gibbs Gage

    Hopefully other developers will see the success of U/D and try emulating it. I'd love to see more of these types of developments across the city. There's no reason Calgary couldn't support several of these types of neighborhoods further out from the core.
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    Calgary | TELUS Sky | 222.19m | 60s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    Today at work I was working on the top 2 floors of Telus Sky! Gotta say it's a pretty sweet view from up there!
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    City Parks, Rivers, and Wildlife

    Welp, guess I was dead wrong... Good news is apparently you can catch and eat as many as you like without a fishing license!
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    City Parks, Rivers, and Wildlife

    Nice! I'm like 90% sure they're native to Alberta. There's tons of them in the rivers south of Calgary!
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    Calgary | Tigerstedt Block | ?m | 6s | Certus | Stephen Ho

    Yeah seriously this has become one of the best blocks in the area!
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    Calgary | Sunalta Heights | 88.39m | 27s | Housing One | S2 Architecture

    Yup, went this past weekend! It's pretty nice, definitely worth a visit!
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    That's too funny 🤣