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    Calgary to Canmore Trail

    Came across this article and wanted to discuss, figured a dedicated thread was appropriate. CTV News Calgary: Phase one of the Calgary to Canmore Trail unveiled. Website for phase 1...
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    Calgary | BTYYC | 24m | 6s | Eagle Crest | Davignon Martin

    I tried uploading this to the project forum but the page didn't seem to work. Anyways the project on 22nd St. and 24th Ave. has begun demolition! (Sorry for the crappy picture)
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    Guidebook for Great Communities

    So I was recently digging around in the new iteration of the guidebook for great communities and I was curious to hear what others thought. Here's a link for anyone interested...
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    Calgary | Bow River Shopping Centre | 30m | 10s | ONE Properties

    I'm sure somebody's probably mentioned this proposal at some point, but was driving past today and noticed there seems to be a lot of site prep. The project is located in bowness where the old sunnyside garden center used to be. Its a mixed use proposal, with a combination of bigbox, light...