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  1. Beazley66

    Calgary | Stephen Avenue Quarter | 241m | 66s | Triovest | Gibbs Gage Can someone please tell me what is going on. On the one hand we have a juggernaut development proposal for office towers along Stephens avenue, and now we also have an announcement 2 days ago that a design...
  2. Beazley66

    Calgary | Fort Calgary Revitalization | 10m | 2s | Fort Calgary | Public

    It's all a little murky... Kevin Nyhoff is now a design principal with Cannon Design.
  3. Beazley66

    Calgary | Stephen Avenue Quarter | 241m | 66s | Triovest | Gibbs Gage

    If we could somehow morph the massing, somehow visually "lift" it off the current existing historic building fabric, (give history room to breath so to speak)... I mean, Jezuz the section through the podium is just massive, massive. I know it's different, but again I'll point to the 5th and...
  4. Beazley66

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Totally agree.
  5. Beazley66

    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | 25m | 5s | CMLC

    Went to the expo today (proverbially masked) .I have to go back to get better pics.
  6. Beazley66

    Calgary | RNDSQR Block | 44.8m | 12s | RNDSQR | 5468796 Architecture

    Nothing on my end here, and I was briefly community association (small d) director of Planning, and saw nothing, and I’m not going to add to a rumour mill about a sale that may or may not have occurred. Given how close our Councillor and Developer were, Intelligence on this may lie on the desk...
  7. Beazley66

    Calgary | TELUS Sky | 222.19m | 60s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    Couldn't talk the Window Cleaner down. Anyway, looking from a space in the Edison. Our office change of address may be coming soon.
  8. Beazley66

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Small note, could be anything but it appears that there may be some forensic work being done on the brewery site?
  9. Beazley66

    Calgary | Park Point | 106.98m | 34s | Qualex-Landmark | IBI Group

    Like the Orange Lofts in EV, although 8th Ave. is a little more intimate there.
  10. Beazley66

    Calgary | Unbuilt Projects

    Hi, Perfect project for the place and time. Clear awesome. Concept Morphology/iso diagrams are one of a kind. I was quite excited about the Inglewood project also, Hive. My point is Moda I think is one of the leading practices in Canada, and propose scale appropriate projects, ( for the most...
  11. Beazley66

    Calgary Skylines

  12. Beazley66

    Calgary | Multifamily Bridgeland | 11m | 4s | Groupe Denux | BCW

    The property changed hands I believe. I approached the current owner/developer, but never heard back. We were going to propose a slight variation to this design, with some random slotted privacy screens at the balconies. Anyway, what's done is done.
  13. Beazley66

    Calgary | Multifamily Bridgeland | 11m | 4s | Groupe Denux | BCW

    I cant remember if I posted a proposal we did for that site. My apologies If I already did. We proposed 54 units. These were some massing studies we did close to the end of conceptual.
  14. Beazley66

    Water-cooler discussion thread

    Architectural Designer Based here in Calgary Long story short. Born in Japan, grew up all over the map. Moved to Calgary after 10 years in NYC, as my Wife is from Calgary. Once our child's daycare in NYC exceeded our monthly rent two-fold and a bit more, the math just wasn't working in our favor...
  15. Beazley66

    Calgary | BLVD Beltline | 118.87m | 37s | ONE Properties | Arquitectonica

    crazy roof on that tower... :)
  16. Beazley66

    Calgary | The Dorian | 98.45m | 27s | PBA Land Development | Gibbs Gage

    I'm going to stand out like a sore thumb here... but the more I look at it, the less I like it, and I don't quite know why yet. I may have to stick my head in some sand shortly here.
  17. Beazley66

    Calgary | The Fifth | 17m | 5s | Arlington Street | NORR

    Definitely not ACM. I think its a Vicwest steel product , either AD275, or AD300. Either way its a concealed fastener system.
  18. Beazley66

    General Construction Updates

    This is an interesting article describing the meteoric rise of lumber prices, and the subsequent crash. Talk about losses. Steel prices are currently nuts still. With so few North American steel suppliers, many are outsourcing to Russia...
  19. Beazley66

    Calgary | The Barron | 43m | 11s | Strategic Group | Gibbs Gage