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  1. Ex-Montreal Girl

    And now ... Maclean's Rankings

    Looks like Maclean's has found more real estate click bait, following all its bubble talk last edition: Where to Buy Canadian Real Estate 2017 We ranked 1,915 neighbourhoods across nine cities to find the best places to buy
  2. Ex-Montreal Girl

    Toronto | 954 Broadview (Estonian House Redevelopment) | 50.5m | 14s | Diamond Kilmer | Graziani + Corazza

    (Not sure whether this should go here or in the East York thread) Tribute Communities is making a move on the old Estonian House on Broadview, between Danforth and Pottery Rd. Tribute VP Steve Deveaux applied for lobbyist status at the city on Feb. 2. Friends in the area say Tribute...
  3. Ex-Montreal Girl

    East York-Old East York

    Alrighty then, a thread for that which is not Riverdale, not Leaside, not East Danforth, not Danforth Village but which encompasses Broadview North, Todmorden, Pape Village, Woodbine Heights, etc. as outlined here: I will kick it off by...
  4. Ex-Montreal Girl

    2014 Toronto Election: Condo Campaigning

    Wasn't sure where to plunk this but, seeing as it combines politics and condos (the two most popular topics on the forum), it seems fitting to go with this part of UT. We have a party room in our condo and one of the residents wishes to host a "meet and greet" for one of the candidates. It's...
  5. Ex-Montreal Girl

    NFB Interactive Doc "Highrise"

    The search function is screwy so I can't tell if this has been posted before. It takes some getting used to in terms of navigation but it's worth it for those interested in vertical life around the world. NFB's Highrise It won an Emmy.