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    Toronto | 100 Lombard | 216m | 59s | Forum Asset Mgmt | OMA

    I thought they would struggle to stay happy with so little light. Good for them.
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    Toronto | 100 Lombard | 216m | 59s | Forum Asset Mgmt | OMA

    Those trees looking like that on Lombard is a big fat lie.
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    2022 Municipal Election: Council Races

    I am aware how pitting one against another is counterproductive, but in Layton's case, it's far easier to seem "responsive" when you intentionally engage in smaller matters and avoid taking any macro-level responsibilities. Your post is a great example that how thankless is all the work Cressy...
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    2022 Municipal Election: Council Races

    I hope Gord Perks stays at least until Tory is gone away. I'm not surprised by Layton's announcement. He always seemed to be more interested in little-er things like farmer's markets and composting and making jam with the community... I'm still surprised by Cressy's departure though, he seemed...
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    2022 Municipal Election: Council Races

    If you think Wynne's sexuality didn't become an issue you weren't watching closely enough. Homophobic attacks were very rampant when the sex-ed was curriculum was manufactured as an election issue, with great contributions from the media.
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    Are these the same vehicles that they are buying for Stage 2 extension?
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    Jasonzed - Jason Zytynsky - Dedication at Mississauga City Hall

    Fabulous talent. So sad.
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    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    There seems to be far more options in the suburbs. So if you are willing to travel you could get vaccinated a few weeks sooner than you'd be at MTCC.
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    General cycling issues (Is Toronto bike friendly?)

    Yeah, "cycling skews white and high income" is way off the mark. I've been cycling in this city for leisure and commute for years. This is not cottaging, golfing or French immersion.
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    Toronto Bike Share

    I filled out this survey and it never prompted me to make suggestions.
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    How can it be so cheap?
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    Toronto | Ïce Condominiums at York Centre | 234.07m | 67s | Lanterra | a—A

    Mayor's lack of leadership and shortsighted laissez faire governing is creating a vertical slum here. Who in their right minds will even consider buying or renting in this complex after all the news? Keep in this path and you have dreary "revitalization" project in your hands in a decade or two.
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    Toronto | 419 College Street | 43.15m | 13s | BDP Quadrangle

    I don't think that's necessarily true.
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    Toronto | 419 College Street | 43.15m | 13s | BDP Quadrangle

    Yeah but what does your personal taste have to do with anything here? It's silly like saying you're fine with all the bars on Church street going down and getting replaced by condos because gay guys never appealed to you... The point here is beyond whether the Sneaky Dee's "ambiance" is classy...
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    Toronto Rental Cost (& AirBnB) Issues

    I mean it's quite possible that the previous tenant wasn't a "bad tenant" either. They probably complained to the landlord a few times and the landlord ignored them as much as possible, hoping the complaints would go away. That may even be the reason that the previous tenant moved out in the...
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    Toronto Rental Cost (& AirBnB) Issues

    The Selby has been littering my facebook/IG feed with offers for about 5 months now. First it was a $1000 Harry Rosen gift card. And then it got upgraded to Holt Renfrew (lol). Not enough yuppies must have bitten so now they are offering one month free. Although anyone who can do a tiny bit of...
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    What's the future for the Conservative Party?

    I agree that lots of young people do tend to vote conservative. Many suburbanites simply take after their parents at the end of the day. That young people are more liberal may be somewhat true but it's still hugely overstated.
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    Toronto Bike Share

    I think people taking bikes to the island and leaving them there would be too much cost operationally for too little benefit.
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    Does “Made in Canada” influence your retail/e-com purchases?

    Short and simple: no. One reason is that I don't perceive myself wealthy enough to shell out extra money for something just out of nationalistic sentiment. I may choose to spend a tiny bit extra if I feel that I know the company/brand owner well enough and align with them (regardless of...