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    Toronto | Epic on Triangle Park | 60.04m | 20s | Plaza | TACT Architecture

    Newest addition to the Queen West Triangle, replacing the artist building, 48 Abell St. 15 storeys, 422 units. Will post renderings later.
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    Larger closet or longer wall?

    A friend is weighing two options of his floorplan. He asked, and I couldn't make up my mind either. So I'm posting it here to get your opinions. Thanks a ton,
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    Theatre Park Condos (Lamb Development Corp , Niche Development) - Real Estate - 28th floor, approx. $686/psf. Please give your thoughts. Thanks a lot!
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    Short term rental, would it be a good option?

    My condo will be ready for occupancy in a few months, it's a two bed, two bath. I've been thinking of renting it out as short term rental, so that I could use it occasionally for my out of town guests, while still getting some income from the short term rentals to pay for the mortgage. My...
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    MYC Condos Merton Yonge Condominiums (Cresford Developments) - Real Estate -

    Agent event: Mar 27 Great location, nice building, good floor plans. Pricing: the current price list is exactly the same with the original price list in Oct 2008. They had dropped the prices significantly (50K - 90K for each unit) in Mar 2009, in order to push sales during the recession. But...
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    How small can condo units in Toronto get?

    I know that condo unit size is getting smaller and smaller, but I'm still amazed to see a two bedroom unit plan that is just merely 570 sqft. I mean, in my head, a one bedroom unit is currently somewhere between 500 - 580 sqft, a one bed plus den is somewhere between 580 - 720 sqft, and a two...
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    Your opinions on this purchase?

    Your opinions on this purchase? (M5V) I'd like to get your opinions on this purchase: M5V Condos, 1B + D unit, sub-penthouse, 655 sqft, 11 foot ceiling, 1 locker. Layout attached. My brother is in the 10 day recision for this unit. $603/sqft (or $610/sqft with locker) is expensive to me...