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    Trees in Calgary

    I was looking at some old pictures of Calgary and it seems like there were way more trees on Stephen Ave before. What happened to them? The street looks so much more lively than it is now.. Sometimes i miss the 2000s.
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    Calgary Regional Rail Transit

    Whoever designed the station has never waited for C-Train by -30° weather ahah.
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    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    Hello, just seeking some opinions. Do you think there is market gap for cycling trips planning app? I feel like all the existing apps that we can use to plan trips such as Strava, Google Maps, Komoot, bikemaps either lack some features or are too specific. I haven't found yet any app (for...
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    Calgary Skylines

    Got one or two frozen fingers taking this pic but all worth it.
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    Calgary Transit Fantasy Maps

    Great work, i'll have a deeper read when I have time. Speaking of fantasy maps, i've done some little revisions on some map I did last year.
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    Regional Photography

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    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    Indeed, I'm always using the road instead of the brand new bike lane, the irony.
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    General Photos of Calgary

    I will miss the summer...
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    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    He didn't purposely chose this route, all the routes are like this. I cycle everyday in Calgary and everyday I have to take routes designed for cars. There was no bias in the video. I lived in both Amsterdam and Calgary and it honestly gives a fair pictures of both cities. Actually many people...
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    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    Would be super nice to have an express bike path alongside MacLeod trail linking the South to DT. Not sure if feasible though Imagine something with a tunnel so people could bike all year round. I'm probably dreaming.
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    Calgary Videos

    This is the best Calgary video in my opinion. Some beautiful footage in all kind of weather. And it does a brillant job at capturing the energy of this city.
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    Calgary Skylines

    I can't explain why but I really love these kind of pics.
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    Calgary International Airport

    Very pleased with these news as a Parisian. And I can predict the number of fellow french in Calgary is going to increase the next comings years. Direct, affordable, flights make a huge decision when it comes to choosing the city to immigrate to.
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    Calgary's Downtown Dilemma

    As someone who doesn't have a car (and driving license), I found it very hard to get to the mountains. Plus, many bus services stopped operating because of Covid, had to hitchhike to Banff several times.
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    Calgary Skylines

    Big metropolis feeling.
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    Calgary Skylines

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    Calgary's Downtown Dilemma

    How expensive is to demolish these buildings and sell the land to developpers, compared to this $450M plan?