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  1. Skeezix

    Music streaming

    (I couldn't find another thread on this. Apologies if there is one.) Streaming seems to have significantly changed the way we consume music, in a relatively short time frame. I'm interested in what people think. Do you subscribe to Apple Music? Deezer? Spotify? Whatever Google is calling...
  2. Skeezix

    The Scourge of Window Film

    I exaggerate with the word "scourge", but only a bit. ;p Increasingly, retailers are covering up ground floor windows with signage adhesives which effectively transform the windows into walls. It generally has a negative effect on the streetscape, turning planned groundfloor animation into...
  3. Skeezix

    Toronto | Lofthouse on Logan | 24.38m | 6s | Grid | COMN Architects

    Proposed Use --- # of Storeys --- # of Units --- Applications: Type Number Date Submitted Status Site Plan Approval | 16 270571 STE 30 SA | Dec 23, 2016 | Under Review Rezoning | 16 270566 STE 30 OZ | Dec 23, 2016 |Under Review Beer Store site on the northeast corner of...
  4. Skeezix

    Auto audio on UT

    Last three or four days, I've been having an unusual issue with UT. A few minutes after I have opened UT on my browser (Firefox), as I am reading a thread, auto audio starts. It's an ad for some snack, with a women's voice, saying "It starts with a snack, with healthy ingredients..." with...
  5. Skeezix

    Lansdowne Park

    As a former Ottawan, one of the Ottawa issues I've been most curious about has been the redevelopment of Lansdowne, and even more specifically, how the redevelopment is working out now that it is largely (completely?) completed. I'm interested in what people think and in how the space is being...
  6. Skeezix

    East Danforth

    The East Danforth thread in the Neighbourhoods forum is rapidly devolving into an argument on the merits, or lack thereof, of muslim culture, largely due to one editor's insistence that the area is plagued by "lesser peoples." It may not have reached the point where the rules of conduct have...
  7. Skeezix

    Toronto photos at Wikimedia Commons

    There have been some fantastic Toronto photos posted in this forum. For those of you who are willing to contribute your work to the public domain, it would be incredibly helpful if you could upload your photos (or any other type of media) over at the Toronto category at Wikimedia Commons...