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  1. slickpete83

    263-265 Dixon Rd (Potential Intensification Site)

    263-265 Dixon road is up for sale ( two rental buildings) , they are advertising it as potential infill redevelopment & intensification
  2. slickpete83

    Woodbridge Park Townhomes (Kipling /Steeles) i searched the forum and couldn't find a thread on this project floor plans posted , grand opening happening March 25 i think what do you guys/gals think ? about the location, the project , the design , and price
  3. slickpete83

    Toronto | Humberwood Heights | 13m | 3s | Tribute so it looks like they are planning a proposed development that would contain a total of 148 residential units comprised of 40 freehold street townhouses, 22 multilevel units, and 86 back-to-back units on the corner of Rexdale...
  4. slickpete83

    Lexington Condo by the Park (Royal Laser Development) - Real Estate -

    they just started putting up the Sales Office and big signs outside stating 1 bdr starting from $239K , near Rexdale blvd and Queens Plate Drive , they will be releasing the floors plans soon , hopefully it will be an interesting design
  5. slickpete83

    Toronto | Lexington Condos | 46.63m | 13s | Royale Grand | Turner Fleischer

    I'm trying to figure what they are gonna build on this empty bulldozed land , which already contains a construction office trailer on it , between Rexdale blvd. and Triple Crown Ave on queens plate drive , right across from woodbine mall some freehold townhomes would be nice :D , keeping my...
  6. slickpete83

    Cloud9 Condos (Lash) - Real Estate -

    just wanted to start the official thread for this project to get more info on this thanks
  7. slickpete83

    720 Humberwood Boulevard Condos (Great Gulf Homes) - Real Estate -

    ok folks , I just found out that they will be building 2 condos + many freehold townhouses in my area the official zoning Application , it contains site plans etc....... other developments in this area -----> new...
  8. slickpete83

    Woodbine Centre

    what about the ever crappy woodbine centre mall???? , what new crap is happening there ???
  9. slickpete83

    CentrePark Residences on the West Humber, North Etobicoke

    there is a big billboard ad on Queens Plate dr. / Rexdale blvd ( right across from Woodbine centre for CentrePark Residences on the Humber by Fram Building Group exact location of the Billboard ---->...