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    Need Reno Help Including Railings in Toronto, Furnace, Flooring, Painter and More

    Well, I can help with a few trades based on my experiences, but I can't help with a painter, electrician, kitchen cabinets or a new roof. Ones I have used and was happy with (but of course do your own due diligence are as follows: 1) For railings in Toronto, I was happy with Toronto Custom...
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    Toronto | Pinnacle Uptown: Watergarden | 137.52m | 38s | Pinnacle | Richmond Architects

    Looks pretty nice. Not as chic as the Marilyn Monroe towers, but still not bad nonetheless.
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    Hudson's Bay Company (including Top Shop / Top Man)

    I really like the Bay and think it is neat with a lot of history, but I just can't figure out how such a big store stays in business because for that size, they don't seem to be getting enough sales. Perhaps I am missing something.
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    Toronto non-mall retail (Odds & Ends)

    I never heard of this icebreaker stuff. Looks kind of neat but why so expensive???
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    Anyone know of a good furnace repair or install company

    Well, my parents used Lancaster Heating and Cooling in Hamilton for a furnace and air conditioning installation and were very happy. Only catch is that I don't know if they come out as far as Toronto for an installation, not to mention a repair, but who knows. Contact info is: Phone...
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    Bloor-Yorkville Scene

    Chanel coming? Oh oh, when my girlfriend finds out I am going to have to sell my car and bike to work or take a camel or something --- whichever is cheaper, because she is going to shop until I drop!
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    Mr. Sub vs. Subway

    Mr. Sub for me only because of their secret sauce. But I must confess that the quality of their meat seems far less than that of Subway.