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    Is Toronto's Building Boom Going Too Far?

    Curious the forum's thoughts on something I've been thinking about. Basically, we may be seeing the beginnings of a backlash against development in Toronto, perhaps much less severe than but not dissimilar to what happened in the 1970s. We're now into about year ten of a pace of construction...
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    New Electoral Boundaries

    The commission tasked with setting new electoral boundaries reflecting new seats for Ontario has issued its preliminary findings, which are available here: As previously announced, Ontario gets 15...
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    TTC: Queens Quay East BRT (Unofficial proposal)

    Despite a recent motion that passed 38-6 by Council calling for an acceleration of the East Bayfront light rail line, Waterfront Toronto's latest plan for the eastern harbour indicates Bus Rapid Transit will be built on Queens Quay East for a 'Phase One' of undetermined length...
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    Bay/Scollard Row Houses

    Noticed today that the pretty rowhouses at the NE corner of Bay and Scollard appear to have been emptied of their tenants. I seem to remember a discussion of these buildings somewhere on the boards but am unable to locate it. I'm hopeful the City isn't going to allow a spec demolition here...
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    Rob Ford and the Toronto Consensus

    For lack of a better metaphor, Toronto's political immune system seems to be rejecting Rob Ford's governance. For all the talk of his problems of style (failing utterly to seek compromise on Council, muster fact-based arguments for his preferences, reach out in even the most basic way to...
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    Will Rob Ford Finish His Term? If Not, What Then?

    The current debate on what's arguably Rob Ford's signature initiative, his transit plan, in the context of his recent budget defeat makes me wonder about the scenarios for his mayoralty going forward. If he hasn't already, Ford will soon effectively lose the confidence of Council, in that he...
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    Toronto and the Provincial Election

    Since the results seem pretty set now, I think it's time to start the post-game analysis. I am reasonably satisfied with the result. I would have preferred a Liberal majority. However, the current situation isn't bad. While the Liberals have, on the whole, been pretty good to Toronto, they've...
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    Fords Working to Fire Webster, Stintz, Scrap Streetcars: Star

    The Star has a blockbuster story out that seems to confirm what Drum has been suggesting here: that Gary Webster has been targeted by the Fords, and Stintz may be too if she refuses to play along (which is the case right now). And an added wrinkle: that the Mayors are contemplating eliminating...
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    Reasons to Feel Good About Toronto

    I've been pretty depressed by the news this week, and by much of corresponding discussion here on UT. In the interest of cheering myself up, would love to discuss some of the many GOOD things still going on in our wonderful city, even under Mayor Edsel (who, by the way, I think is headed for a...
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    Downtown-Wide 'Transportation Study' Planned by City

    This seems to have been lost in discussion of Kristen Wong-Tam's laudable efforts to revamp Yonge St, but Denzil Minnan-Wong says staff will present in September a "very significant transportation study of the downtown, all the major roads and thoroughfares," with a view to reducing traffic...
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    Towards a Conservative Urbanism?

    Hi all, want to throw out something I've been thinking about. I am an eternal optimist, and have been looking for silver linings in the apparent right-wing ascendance in our city. The more I think about it, the more I wonder if, long term, it's not an entirely bad thing. Here's why...
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    Lessons of the Miller Years

    This is something I have been thinking about: while I think David Miller will probably be remembered as a good mayor in the fullness of time, clearly this year's (mayoral) election result suggests that he made some serious mistakes. There is an element of economic insecurity that drove the Ford...
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    Toronto Hydro: PowerUp Infrastructure Improvement Program

    Toronto Hydro has set up a site that breaks down their planned rebuild of electrical infrastructure more or less by neighbourhood at This project, to my great dismay, includes installing a hell of a lot of ghastly new wooden poles, in some cases even replacing...
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    Is there a Toronto Urbanism?

    So--herewith a question I was thinking about, which might spur some interesting discussion here. Many cities have a distinctive city-ness that informs locals' ideas about how an urban place should function. In the Paris region, new developments (La Defense excepted) follow a basically...
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    Miller Derangement Syndrome

    This thread goes somewhat off of the earlier 'We HATE Toronto' thread, a bit off of the Toronto-as-province discussions, and other influences. Basically, I find that in lots of fora--electronic and not--lots of Torontonians and indeed other Canadians seem to harbour an out-of-all-proportions...
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    Will Wilkinson: Toronto and The Immigration Fallacy.

    *****Woops--mods, could you change the title to "Will Wilkinson: Toronto and The Immigration Fallacy." Thanks!****** Relatively high-profile American blogger and journalist Will Wilkinson has the following column up, which has had some pick-up in the blogosphere--notably from Andrew Sullivan...
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    NYT: Toronto's Inn Crowd

    No one seems to have posted this no good, very very bad, error-riddled story from the Spring 'T' travel mag in the Times. Anyway, here goes. Prepare your vitriol: The Inn Crowd By JODY ROSEN 22 March 2009 The New York Times It is a chilly Thursday evening in Toronto, and the habitues...
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    Cold Calling?

    Hey folks, I am looking for a bit of "man/woman on the street" help for an article I am working on for a Toronto paper--specifically about "cold calling" as a job search strategy, which is apparently becoming more popular. Have you ever done this? Did it work? How did you do it? Or, have...
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    Hudson's Bay Centre Renovations | 39.24m | 7s | Brookfield | Adamson

    Oh, I suspect we won't have to wait long to hear something very significant from HBC's new masters about that long-neglected site.
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    NYT Travel: "O Canada, Where Have Your Bargains Gone?"

    More great press in the Times travel section. Admirably long on interesting neighbourhoods and shops and short on the tacky "attractions" circuit that a lot of folks seem to think the city needs to improve in order to bring in more visitors. May 18, 2008 Frugal Traveler | Toronto O Canada...