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    Hamilton LRT (Metrolinx/City of Hamilton, Revived)

    Based on this article it was due to cutbacks.
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    Could a potential purchase be contingent on these upgrades? I'm not sure how long purchase negotiations would be, but could Metrolinx have offered a certain amount contingent on the track meeting a minimum standard? CN would have to pay whatever small amount they need to make those repairs and...
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    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    I'd advocate for a lot of the commuter trains to have 1 bike coach. Currently you can't bring a bike on the train if commuting, which makes the last mile connection from the station to your destination difficult. Obviously you need the service levels so that trains have the capacity to dedicate...
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    Toronto | Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    This really comes down to whether you trust the engineers that work at our public institutions. I am sure these decisions aren't being made off the cuff and there is solid engineering behind them, but presenting that in a public report is difficult to do. Taking all the information gathered and...
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    GO Transit Fleet Equipment and other

    You're correct. I was mixing up standards. I have edited my post now.
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    GO Transit Fleet Equipment and other

    There are plenty of EMUs with low floors. The GO network is standardizing to a 760mm610mm level boarding height and they will be able to get a variety of emu and non-emu, both single and double level rolling stock with that door height
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    TTC: Sheppard Subway Extension (Proposed)

    If they are extending out to McCowan, a combined line 2, line 4 yard above ground at the vacant land in the CP Scarborough yard could work well. Lots of space and no one could argue it's not an appropriate place for a train yard.
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    As someone who commutes by bike and uses burloak to cross the QEW, this closure will 20 minutes to my commute. For cars the detour is bad, for bikes and pedestrians it essentially splits the neighborhood at the tracks. I hope they put it a temporary pedestrian and bike route to compensate.
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    Toronto | GO Transit: Davenport Diamond Grade Separation | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    I believe the majority of the guideway is being built ready for both tracks from the start. There is only a small section (I believe on the North end) that will only be single track and then expanded to double track width once the single track is diverted from the current temporary location to...
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    Toronto | Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    Sounds like they have seen reason and are dealing with some difficult technical constraints. Maybe the construction consortium can come up with a transfer involving less escalators, but the height distance between the platforms will likely be the same as has been proposed.
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    GO Transit Fleet Equipment and other

    It is most likely dual-mode locomotives. GO will need plenty of diesel locomotives before and after electrification to deal with the parts of the network they can't electrify. Dual-mode will allow electric running on the central electrified portion but allow the flexibility to use the...
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    Metrolinx: Other Items (catch all)

    Dual-mode, or convertible to dual-mode would be good. GO will still need a larger number of diesel locomotives for the non-electrified portions of the network, but being able to run as electric through the central portions of the network would be a nice efficiency and fuel-saving measure.
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    GO Transit Electrification (Metrolinx, Proposed)

    Is it possible that they will use dual-mode locomotives for the partially electrified routes (Kitchener and Lakeshore West) or will they have enough existing diesel locomotives that it isn't worth it?
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    Toronto | Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    I'm wondering if there is planning, it just isn't public. Part of Metrolinx's reasons for lack of transparency is due to media and resident backlash. If you put out documents stating a future elevated extension North along Don Mills, or future at grade extension west alongside Parkdale, you have...
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    Toronto | Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    Taking a few assumptions, a GO train capacity is ~2000 seats. If we assume long dwells we will run a train every 5 minutes(12tph) putting capacity at 24,000 pphpd. Now, we can dramatically improve on that through changing trains, signalling and operations. If we just take Crossrail trains and...
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    Toronto | Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    I don't think people are ignoring it, it's just been stated many times in this thread that the capacity of a 4 track mainline railway corridor is going to be more than sufficient for a very long time. Signalling and operational upgrades should happen well before we need more than 4 tracks...
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    GO Transit Electrification (Metrolinx, Proposed)

    I don't have hard numbers, but I think the extra energy cost of hauling around the extra weight of batteries will be significantly more than the money saved from charging overnight.
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    Roads: GTA West Corridor—Highway 413

    The problem is that 100m doesn't seem wide when you are in a car, but as a pedestrian or cyclist, crossing a 100m highway ROW is not a friendly task, especially when you have to add on the approach distances to get up or down to the overpass/underpass. This highway isn't currently being built in...
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    Transit Fantasy Maps

    After seeing the new GGH Transportation Plan, I figured I'd try and put on paper what the theoretical cross-region line and Ontario Line loop may look like. I diagrammed out rough frequencies and stations. I've assumed the routing uses existing highway corridors almost exclusively. I haven't...
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    Ontario Line North of Eglinton (was Relief Line North) (Speculation)

    UPX doesn't really help people travelling from the North end of the city get to Pearson