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  1. Redroom Studios

    Charlie Sheen plays 2 shows at Massey Hall

    I dont really have much to say about this but it is world class headline news at the moment....
  2. Redroom Studios

    Redroom Studios - The Streets of TO

    I thought I would start a new photothread to post some of my scenic and street shots... more to come...
  3. Redroom Studios

    Winter Skyline Panorama (my usual shamelss self promotion)

    I was in Mississauga for a friends wedding on Saturday. Had a few hours to kill after the ceremony and before the party so I drove downtown to the Portlands area to snap a few photos. preview size that should fit on most monitors... large size...
  4. Redroom Studios

    2009 The Year in Photos : Toronto Star

    A photography friend of mine passed this link along and so I thought I'd share it here as well. Some truly amazing photo journalism...
  5. Redroom Studios

    Toronto on a Rainy Night (34 full size images)

    giving my new tripod a serious test drive. Some of the straight up shots are a bit random as my neck was getting sore trying to look up through the view finder to compose the shots. Also apologies for the rain drops on some of the images... not much you can do when its raining. Flat Iron...
  6. Redroom Studios

    Niagara Falls Convention Centre (Bondfield, 2s, 280,778 sq.ft, LEED Silver)

    This is currently u/c on a previously empty lot on Stanley Ave, about 300 metres south of the Hilton addition, basically across the street from the Sheraton Fallsview. Website has links to promotional videos, construction updates and pdf's of the...
  7. Redroom Studios

    Redroom Studios 2009 Photo Blog

    I've posted pics in a bunch of different locations over the past couple years. I thought I'd start a new thread along the lines of Tomms' "This is Your City" Today I made my first trip of 09 into the city. Temps were cold enough to freeze the fingers pretty quick and so it was a pretty brief...
  8. Redroom Studios

    Toronto across the lake from Niagara Falls with 300mm zoom lens

    Original size 4 Meg image (be patient !)
  9. Redroom Studios

    Toronto Panoramas July 08

    A couple from the roof of the parking garage in Kensington Market (if only that tree wasnt there in the first one) from NW corner of University and College Lumiere construction pit with College Park in b/g I was in town and took close to 800 images yesterday so, there will...
  10. Redroom Studios

    Video: Pritzker Prize winners panel discussion on PBS

    For you hard core architecture fanatics: "An insightful and lively discussion with Pritzker Prize Winners Jean Nouvel who won this year along with Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid and Renzo Piano on the Charlie Rose show from June 5, 2008." (56:00 min video)...
  11. Redroom Studios

    One Year Ago...

    Flashback: Distillery and St Lawrence 2007 Just digging through some old pics from last summer... an assortment from The Distillery and St. Lawrence neighbourhoods. (my apologies, havent been able to get into town recently)
  12. Redroom Studios

    Hume: City Building; Vancouver vs. Toronto

    Want a new urban model? Go west Vancouver's approach to city-building is now a global export. We've distilled five lessons Toronto could learn from the left coast The Star Jun 14, 2008 04:30 AM Christopher Hume Urban Affairs Columnist VANCOUVER–Even in this city of condos, The...
  13. Redroom Studios

    Redroom's Doors Open 2008 Tour

    On the Sunday of Doors Open I met up with Urbandreamer and we hit a bunch of the more popular buildings in the downtown core. I was mostly looking to get up in high places with nice views. UD was a decent chap who I enjoyed hanging out with and lets just say he kept things entertaining all...
  14. Redroom Studios

    Redroom Studios: A mixed bag ... more of Toronto 2007

    Water Park City ROM / Crystal Old RBC Building on Front West Reflections in Citibank building Waterfront display during Luminato Festival Interior of Union Station Chinatown, looking east on Dundas Skywalk stair rails Simcoe Place (Bank of America Tower)...
  15. Redroom Studios

    Hyatt on King West (Holiday Inn remake) COMPLETE

    thanks Current for all your hard work of getting pics up for us today! This crew really looks like they've got their act together now, picking up speed! as for changing views, I am interested to see if the Holiday Inn looks any better with the TIFF tower beside it instead of just empty space...
  16. Redroom Studios

    "Street View" on Google maps

    not sure if anyone else has posted any info about this, but I just stumbled on this new option on Google Maps last night while looking up a friends new address in San Francisco. I knew it had been in the works for sometime... I remember there had been a mapping company driving around Toronto...
  17. Redroom Studios

    Toronto Memories of 2007

    Queen's Park U of T Toronto's Messy Urbanism Crystal Reflection Bloor Street-scape Toronto Sunset (not my photo - was posted by someone else on this forum and I did some tricks on it to make it flashier) Distillery Distillery: Drinks on the Patio...
  18. Redroom Studios

    Bay Street Corridor on Flickr

    an amazing set of photos of the downtown core from one of my contacts on Flickr... follow the link and then click on "View as Slideshow" for a fantastic viewing experience...
  19. Redroom Studios

    Erickson house faces wrecking ball

    will add an image soon unless someone can beat me to it!.... Jennifer Saltman, The Province with file from Cheryl Chan Published: Monday, December 03, 2007 The owner of an Arthur Erickson-designed West Vancouver home is continuing with his plans to demolish the landmark. Shiraz Lalji...
  20. Redroom Studios


    anyone else catch this documentary on CBC Thurs night? Its going to be repeated Saturday November 24 at 10pm ET on CBC Newsworld ... You can see a trailer of the film here at the producers website...