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  1. HelloToday

    Islington Terrace (Tridel) - Real Estate -

    Re: price increases - probably not by much. There is quite a bit of inventory in the immediate area, including another Tridel project (Park Nuvo) by Kipling station. Prices havent appreciated all that much.
  2. HelloToday

    River City Condos Phase 3 (UrbanCapital) - Real Estate -

    Looks like they may be having some trouble with min. pre-sales to start construction - Just received the usual RE agent hype emails about deep discounts on units incl. rebates, levy caps, discounts on parking and lockers, etc. etc. so they can basically get deposits and start digging. As...
  3. HelloToday

    Ïce Condos (Lanterra Developments, Cadillac Fairview) - Real Estate -

    Looks like some people dodged a bullet on this one. Nice looking buildings IMO, but $per sqft is a bit ridiculous for a Lanterra development
  4. HelloToday

    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    Wow .... but also, lol.
  5. HelloToday

    231-237 College Condos (Shiu Pong) - Real Estate -

    Didnt attend the opening - What you see in the brochures is all there is so far, which isn't much. Considering they are billing this as Student Housing up front, I am not holding my breathe on high quality materials or finishes.
  6. HelloToday

    231-237 College Condos (Shiu Pong) - Real Estate -

    Better yet, here's a link to the dropbox with the files incl. floorplans and pricelists:
  7. HelloToday

    231-237 College Condos (Shiu Pong) - Real Estate -

    This weekend - they were on dropbox on my phone and its a process to screen cap, save, post, etc.
  8. HelloToday

    231-237 College Condos (Shiu Pong) - Real Estate -

    Definitely an investor property for student housing ..... price lists are out from yesterdays launch, and there are 2bdrm units under 600sqft for $385k. Noticed there is no parking available on the price sheet. Lockers are the usual $5k. Free assignment. Development (BS) fees are capped at...
  9. HelloToday

    Humber Mews (636 Evans Avenue, Menkes, 3s)

    Anyone attend the opening? Did you ask about the renders - rofl.
  10. HelloToday

    Humber Mews (636 Evans Avenue, Menkes, 3s)

    First thing that came to mind after checking the address on google maps ... Pre-sale starts this weekend btw
  11. HelloToday

    One Bloor East Condos (Great Gulf Homes) - Real Estate -

    Great Gulf really sticking it to people hard on this one on the basis of "prestige" re: location
  12. HelloToday

    Toronto | Vivid Condos | ?m | 20s | Pemberton | Burka

    This is what lower income areas get, for being lower income areas.
  13. HelloToday

    Toronto | Islington Terrace | 145.08m | 45s | Tridel | Kirkor Architects

    North or South of the train tracks? Probably South, South East along Aberfoyle. Those are nicer buildings and they do back on to a large park area. However, this development is North of the tracks. Right on Mabelle and Cordova, which is surrounded by low-rent apartments without the best...
  14. HelloToday

    Toronto | ConneXion | ?m | ?s | North Star | TACT Architecture

    1) Nice to see move development in the area 2) Condo towns ... *shudder* ....
  15. HelloToday

    Toronto | Islington Terrace | 145.08m | 45s | Tridel | Kirkor Architects

    Architecture makes sense for the area and the price point. You're not going to get world class design at Islington and Bloor - LOL at the thought! Have you seen the surrounding area? Mainly cheap (*cheap*) apartment rentals. Not the nicest of neighborhoods. This development, as mundane as it...
  16. HelloToday

    Toronto | 327 Royal York Road | 146.4m | 44s | VANDYK | SvN

    This development couldn't happen fast enough. In with the new already ...
  17. HelloToday

    Toronto | Westhaven On Islington Condos | 11.9m | 3s | Graywood | P + S / IBI

    Thanks for the photos. Looks like they added to the development as well ... same units for 'phase 2' have gone up $50k. Also, Dunpar recently put signage up down the street that they're developing townhouses nearby as well.
  18. HelloToday

    Toronto | Lofts 399 | ?m | 10s | Cresford | Northgrave

    I like it. Fits the area well enough. One of the better buildings in the area ...
  19. HelloToday

    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    FYI, bidding wars on SFHs in Toronto are back and with a vengeance. Hell, even the pre-sales this year have gone on ridiculously quick (look at Core Condos and YC Condos). And this is just the beginning of Spring ... the weather is still crap ... The banks just brought back 2.99% rates ...
  20. HelloToday

    Totem Condos (Worsley Urban Partners) - Real Estate -

    Thanks pmilo Overall, disappointed with this project ...