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  1. HelloToday

    Renting in DT Toronto - What's the deal?

    Browsing the Bay St. Corridor and other 'core' downtown areas for 1bdrm and 1bdrm + den units the past 2 months (Dec.2012) ... 1) Where do people find listings? MLS is laughable ... is pretty bad. I checked Kijiji / Craigslist once and then had a moment of self reflection ...
  2. HelloToday

    332 High Park Lofts (Terra Firma) - Real Estate -

    Website (including floor plans): Same developer that is constructing the 5s Volta Lofts on Annette. Apx $500-$550 per sqft The area is interesting ... High Park st. is quite nice, with established properties and lots of green ... but...
  3. HelloToday

    IT Lofts (Worsley Urban Partners) - Real Estate -

    Only saw the Projects & Construction Thread Currently in pre-sale Mid-$500 to high-$600 per sqft Estimated completion date Late-2014 Floorplans:
  4. HelloToday

    What to look for when considering re-sale value?

    Hello everyone, I did do a search before posting this and didn't come up with much :) What are some of the ideals when it comes to re-sale? Corner unit, high floor, facing a certain direction, far away from elevators??? I've been keeping an eye on Toronto developments the past 6 months...