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  1. Ryan_T

    Excellent Documentaries / Videos

    Share any interesting documentaries, videos, TED talks, etc here. Especially anything pertaining Society, Architecture, Economics, and the realities of the world in general. I want to learn a thing or two about more things. On Netflix: From TED: From Youtube Educators:
  2. Ryan_T


    Saw these things being put up next to Dufferin St, specifically next to the bridge going over 407 and Hwy7. What is it? It's taller than the current roadway/bridge. Could it be a pedestrian bridge? I know it's slightly outside Toronto, but wasn't sure where else to post this.
  3. Ryan_T

    World Building of the Year

  4. Ryan_T

    Commuting vs. Renting Downtown

    I could use some input. I may need to move downtown for a job, but it also means a long commute from Vaughan to the Core. Since I pay no rent at the moment, moving downtown in the interim is pure additional cost. What would you do? Thanks in advance. Rough breakdown: - Renting cost Downtown...