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    The Streets of Toronto: As They Are

    Parliament Street
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    Gay History in Toronto

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    The Plague of EIFS

    from my perspective, the use of EIFS is reaching crisis proportions in the city. i think we are approaching critical mass, where this blight is starting to seriously impact the architectural integrity and heritage of the city. while it is depressing to see any building coated with this...
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    Casualties of Toronto’s Urban Skies "There is no precise ranking of the world’s most deadly cities for migratory birds, but Toronto is considered a top contender for the title." "The group behind the bird patrol, the Fatal Light Awareness...
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    Toronto Architecture From The 1960's and 70's

    An occasional series of photographs of some of Toronto’s finest buildings, from the heyday of late modernism. University of Toronto Scarborough, 1964. Designed by John Andrews.
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    New York City Shots

    just back from a few days there--here are a few pics WTC SITE:
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    Evocative Images of Lost Toronto

    there's no particular purpose to this thread. its just that i keep coming across images of Toronto that i find evocative, moving, or fascinating in some way i and wanted to compile them. some of them i find to be just highly interesting. there are many reasons why certain photographs provoke...
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    The New Regent Park

    Phase one of the revitalization of Regent Park (the area bounded by Dundas, Parliament, Oak and Sackville) is well underway, and the contours of the new neighbourhood are starting to emerge: much more open and pedestrian-friendly, with well designed paths and park spaces, local services and...
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    Little Houses on Richmond St West

    Just seconds from Queen St W, Richmond St W is home to some of Toronto's smallest--and oddest--houses. It appears to have been quite a poor area in earlier times. Now of course it is a moment away from one of Toronto's hippest neighbourhoods. Even given that, it is still strange to see...
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    A Walk Around South Rosedale

    Yesterday was a beautiful day to take in Toronto's most gorgeous residential neighbourhood: South Rosedale. Its amazing to me that this lush and elegant little burg is a two minute drive from Yonge and Bloor. South Rosedale contains a staggering number of examples of beautifully maintained...
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    The Icon on Wellington--who is responsible?

    i have noticed this building many times and it has always bothered me. its "just another condo"--a total non-entity of a building, about 5 years old. when you get up close to it though you become aware of how unbelievably shoddy it is. its truly shocking to me how poorly finished it is...
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    Weston Road Bridge

    does anyone have any idea where this was? i know Weston Road very well and for some reason i can't place where this bridge was. that building in the back with the two cupolas is a bit of a landmark. Thanks!
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    Garbage: The Golden Age

    this seems like a good time to visit the olden days of garbage in our fair city. yes, there is a history here... the most immediate thing you notice is the sameness of it all; its an era before packaging, and definitely before plastic. these are all from around 1915. first use of...
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    100 Abandoned Houses
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    The Birth of a New City

    Also happening that day: "On April 14th, 1966 the Beatles recorded their 12th U.S. chart topper, "Paperback Writer." The song, which was recorded during the group's Revolver sessions, was the first to prominently feature Paul McCartney's Rickenbacker bass guitar as a lead instrument." now back...
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    More Lost Toronto in colour

    Some more colour images from same era: Torn down to make room for New City Hall and surrounding Toronto Dominion Bank. Southwest corner of King and Bay South side of King looking east towards Bay. Torn down for white marble monstrosity Queen looking west at Bay...
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    O'Keefe Centre

    the aerial shot shows the insane level of destruction of the original early Victorian city. the O'Keefe site looking east is surrounded by acres and acres of (empty) parking lots.... not the site proper--but you get a sense of the wholesale decimation underway in that era
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    lost Toronto in colour--late 40's-early 70's

    LOST TORONTO IN COLOUR--late 1940's-early 1970's Original Arcade building--what a loss late great Britnells Original Lichtman's magazine store. Adelaide St?? Building torn down last year to make way for Shangri-La Need i say more? another Queen West...
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    Midtown Modern

    it always seemed to me that, following the opening of the Eglinton subway in 1954, the corner of Yonge and Eglinton was an important part of the transformation of Toronto into a modern(ist) city. this accelerated when the TTC sold the air rights above the subway, and the Canada Square...