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  1. Edward Skira

    Social Media Marketing Opportunity

    UrbanToronto is looking for a social media marketing pro to work with our team. We're open to either in-house or outside consulting options. DM me and let's talk! Or reach out on LinkedIn:
  2. Edward Skira

    689 (???) Lawrence West

    Does anybody know what's going on here. Do we have a thread for it already? Don't see anything on the city site yet there's construction happening.
  3. Edward Skira

    Toronto | Village Green - Bostwick Apartments (London) | 60.5m | 17s | York | zedd architecture

    Village Green - Bostwick Apartments. This is under construction in London.
  4. Edward Skira


    Note to all members that we have received notice that TOAreaFan has passed away. Out condolences to his family.
  5. Edward Skira

    Sheppard East Station I Metrolinx

  6. Edward Skira

    Toronto | Aurora Town Square | 18.5m | 3s | Town of Aurora | RAW Design

    Couldn't find anything. Next to library or part of it.
  7. Edward Skira

    Toronto | Amica Aurora | 27.97m | 7s | Succession Development Corporation | Murphy Partners

    Site Plan Application to construct a 7 storey, 149 unit retirement home (and 2 storey place of worship)
  8. Edward Skira

    Toronto | 5320 Yonge | 123.26m | 36s | A1 Developments | DIALOG

    Been seeing core samples being taken behind the corner of Yonge and Churchill in North York the last few days. Not sure exactly what address but north of 5300 Yonge. Couldn't find a thread for this.