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    What is RER?

    It seems that there are so many transit plans all with different routes, technology, and political necessities. So many of them and where stations should be, route, technology used, whether they should be grade separated or not, ridership forecasts, development potential, and a whole host of...
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    Time to get rid of the TTC

    Everytime I look at a Toronto area transit I get dizzy. There are so many different systems, the entire area is completely disjointed, different fares, endless transfers, no coordination with the road network, and bureaucracies whose primary goal is to maintain their "turf". Getting from one...
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    Time for Toronto to put up or shut up.

    Now I understand that the streetcar order could be "delayed" but god only knows what will happen in 3 days. Toronto transit plans seem to break down as soon as they are announced and this is why most Torontonians won't believe that even Eglinton will be built until the ribbon is cut. Transit...
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    Mass/rapid transit..........................what would you do?

    We all {myself included} are constantly bitching about TC or transit in general. It is always easy to say what we want but is another to say what you would do with the $8.15 billion that Metrolinx is going to be doing for Toronto transit by 2020. Not including York's VIVA, the cost breaks down...
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    Monorail for Toronto

    While Toronto sits on its ass the rest of the world leaves here in her wake and all she can think of to improve the situation is some streetcars. Its pathetic, laughable, and downright embarrasing. How a great city can go mickey-mouse in one generation is a depressing state of affairs. Now...