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  1. BobBob

    Toronto | Brant Park | 35.36m | 11s | Lamb Dev Corp | a—A

    Bummer about those big old trees. Would it have been for health reasons? The city really needs to extend the park to include the always-vacant (city-owned, if I'm not mistaken) parking lot next door.
  2. BobBob

    Toronto | Origami Lofts Condos | 22.55m | 7s | Symmetry | Teeple Architects

    Building on site was demolished yesterday. Looks like this is ready to move!
  3. BobBob

    Mayor John Tory's Toronto

    Not sure whether this point has been made already: if you move an event out of downtown to a more peripheral location, assuming attendance doesn't plummet, more traffic will be created because fewer people will be able to access it by non-car means.
  4. BobBob

    Really Well Built Condos

    ^ That's interesting. How much bearing do you think that has on the overall quality & durability of non-structural elements of the building? It seems to me it might not, in itself, have much of an impact on overall quality when not under bombardment.
  5. BobBob

    Rob Ford's Toronto

    haha, sounds much better than "paid a grand."
  6. BobBob

    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Council Races

    It's a pretty crowded field in Trinity-Spadina. I'm worried that someone like Thompson might have a good shot at winning in such a multi-split race.
  7. BobBob

    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    Doesn't seem to have been reported by any media. They must be saving their energy for whatever crap Doug thinks of dropping on us. That stuff is always guaranteed top shelf.
  8. BobBob

    Toronto | Concord Canada House | 231.97m | 74s | Concord Adex | IBI Group

    "138 two-bedroom units and 159 three-bedroom units" = 456 potential children's bedrooms. And that's if none share.
  9. BobBob

    Toronto | Concord Canada House | 231.97m | 74s | Concord Adex | IBI Group

    Any degree of cruciformity would produce a perfectly rectangular 2d projection.
  10. BobBob

    Toronto | Spadina Adelaide Square | 158.6m | 48s | Fengate Properties | Cusimano

    Correcting the spelling of Charlotte Street is an even more pressing reason to update the thread title.
  11. BobBob

    Liberty Village Crowd-funded bus?

    ^ You can also walk that distance in 40mins. Save money, improve health, forget the stress.
  12. BobBob

    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Laugh as you will about the silly subway plan but, like everything else that comes from Ford, this is BREAKING NEWS at the top of all media. Not surprising he still has so much support given how much attention he gets.
  13. BobBob

    What's your favourite non-Cantonese Chinese restaurant in downtown?

    All the more reason to check them out! CTB is a bit of a hole-in-the-wall but has great northern Chinese dishes. Try the dan dan noodles. Also great dumplings. On Dundas west of Spadina. Mother's is easily among the best places in Toronto for dumplings. On Spadina south of College. Noodle Face...
  14. BobBob

    What's your favourite non-Cantonese Chinese restaurant in downtown?

    Chinese Traditional Bun, Mother's Dumpling, Noodle Face
  15. BobBob

    Toronto | RBC WaterPark Place III | 140.2m | 30s | Oxford Properties | WZMH

    This building, though much more plain, reminds me a bit of the Shin Marunouchi building.
  16. BobBob

    Rob Ford's Toronto

    I don't understand why anyone is expecting anything interesting to be said. We've been in this same situation so many times before, and each time it was the usual BS, non-answers, and staying the course for the taxpayers.
  17. BobBob

    Toronto | Fashion House | ?m | 12s | Freed | Core Architects

    Doesn't look like it:
  18. BobBob

    Toronto | Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    London means world class and green means go.
  19. BobBob

    The Housing Market needs to crash.

    It's not like there's all this land available in Toronto. At least not for the kind of growth people are interested in: in good neighbourhoods, connected to transit & other infrastructure and amenities, etc. In Toronto, we can't touch any existing residential neighbourhoods. They may as well be...