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  1. BobBob

    Chapters at John and Richmond to close

    Let's start a thread about this, and speculate on: - when exactly Chapters will close - what will replace it
  2. BobBob

    SQ (Tridel) - Real Estate

    The floor plans and prices are up:
  3. BobBob

    Living Room Organization

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some thoughts on organizing a slightly awkward living room. The challenge is to maintain flow and access to all the doors and passages which open onto it while providing a cozy environment for spending time in. I appreciate any ideas you guys might have.
  4. BobBob

    A few months ago, the MLS web site was completely redone with a new user interface and relaunched as What are your thoughts on this new site? I've been finding some aspects of it frustrating, but more importantly, I have found it to be extremely slow or just completely down...
  5. BobBob

    Alternative Schools

    I only recently became aware (shortly after entering a phase of my life in which one begins to think of such things) of the existence of "alternative" schools within the TDSB system, like Alpha, Oasis, the Beaches Alternative School, etc. I read about their philosophies, but could not find...
  6. BobBob

    Toronto | 32 Camden | ?m | 12s | Sorbara | Core Architects

    Ran into this interesting looking project which I don't believe has been mentioned here: The project seems to be in preliminary planning. Here is some info from Adam Vaughan's site: 32 Camden Street Developer: Sorbara Group Architect...
  7. BobBob


    If nobody else is going to ask, I will: what happened with the forum over the last couple of days? The withdrawal was... excruciating. I have... no words... it was just... Please don't do this again?!
  8. BobBob

    Toronto | Minto Westside | 68.88m | 20s | Minto Group | Wallman Architects

    I was at the community meeting this evening with Adam Vaughan and representatives of Context talking about ideas for the large site at the north-east corner of Front and Bathurst. It's basically a whole city block - everything on the Front/Bathurst/Niagara block west of the Aloft hotel. It was...
  9. BobBob

    Financial Crisis

    I'm not aware of a thread dedicated to the ongoing financial "turmoil" (hickup? meltdown? catastrophe?) so I thought I'd start one. Seeing as I have only a very superficial understanding of what's going on, I don't have much to contribute beyond opening the floor for debate. So, how do you...
  10. BobBob

    Critique a floor plan

    I thought it might be fun for some, and helpful to me, if I posted a floor plan of a place I'm considering and had it critiqued. Pros/cons, things to be aware of, etc. I appreciate any feedback.
  11. BobBob

    Queen and Portland Lofts and Condos (Tribute Communities, RioCan) - Real Estate -

    Hi everyone, I am considering a purchase in this building ( due to its great location, layouts, reasonable maintenance costs (estimated, of course) and relatively small size. I'm also impressed by the family-sized units included here (2BR+den...
  12. BobBob

    Tokyo Houses

    I ran into a photo set on flickr which features many interesting modern houses in Tokyo. Seems like a lot of these ideas would work very well on Toronto's laneways. Thoughts?
  13. BobBob

    Tower Renewal - Maps

    Graeme Stewart posted a number of interesting maps on his Tower Renewal blog correlating clusters of modern tower (slab) housing in the city with poverty, transit, etc. It's pretty interesting stuff.
  14. BobBob

    Romanian Museum?

    So my friend noticed something recently that I thought was funny enough to share. Searching the web, it doesn't appear that anyone has brought this up publicly before, so I might as well post it. The new ROM logo has strong Romanian references. Coincidence? It's not just the colours that are...
  15. BobBob

    China Earthquake

    Thought I'd start a thread on this huge disaster, whose apparently impact seems to be growing by the hour. Not much to add here beyond what the major news outlets are reporting, so we can stick to aspects closer to home. Is anyone here personally affected by this tragedy? I am not, but...
  16. BobBob

    Toronto | Spadina Adelaide Square | 158.6m | 48s | Fengate Properties | Cusimano

    The sales centre being constructed on the parking lot at this corner is apparently for a condo to be built at the same location. Some details: - Small, intimate building, 8 storeys - Only 36 units, so about 4 per floor - Cheapest is around 900 sqft for $472K Will post more as details...
  17. BobBob

    Achievements of 2007

    As the year draws to a close, I thought I'd start a thread discussing the achievements of our city over the past year. Sure, there are plenty of things to gripe about, but also many things to celebrate. These can be small details, or big trends. I'll start things off by listing some of my...
  18. BobBob


    Just returned from Tokyo where I took lots of photos which would be classified under "urban porn" so I thought I'd share a few. I tried to select ones that depict different, and interesting, urban environments. I was particularly impressed by how little disruption to the urban fabric elevated...
  19. BobBob

    Toronto: Most Significant Possible Improvements

    A topic that I often think about, and that has been much discussed in this forum, is the possibility of large and very significant improvements in the way our city functions, which can be achieved with little or no capital expenditure. For instance, I feel that urban life in this city could...
  20. BobBob

    Economist: Toronto, nice but broke

    Toronto Nice but broke Jul 26th 2007 | TORONTO From The Economist print edition Canada's aspiring city state THE mayor of Toronto, David Miller, has ambitions to turn Canada's largest metropolitan area into a city state. Earlier this year he persuaded Ontario's government to grant...