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  1. ChazYEG

    Canada and Monarchy

    The Queen is dead, Long live the King! Now, I wonder, in light of the last polls on the matter, if there is political climate to push for the republicanization of Canada. Thoughts?
  2. ChazYEG

    Owning versus renting

    Don't disagree, but I'm frustrated we're not getting enough condos In areas I'd like to buy... I hate wasting money on rent... My wife works at the U of A, so this would've been perfect, hahaha. But it is great fot the city, nonetheless, and I am just as positively surprised as everyone here.
  3. ChazYEG

    Edmonton Branding and Tourism strategy

    So, after a few discussions that have been unraveling around the forum, and a lot of good ideas that were posted, I was thinking that we can, maybe, concentrate some of our efforts regarding good strategies and ideas to boost Edmonton's brand and improve tourism (either from far away or from...
  4. ChazYEG

    One Way Streets

    Not sure if this is the best place to bring this up, but I've been studying our road system, since moving to Edmonton, last year, and onde thing strike me as odd: Why do we have so few one-way streets, especially in the Downtown core? Most major cities I know use this as a way to better...