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  1. westcoastjos

    Municipal Tax Reform

    @ChazYEG as requested. I didn't think it made sense in any of the other sub-forums, so put it here. I think it is distinct enough to be separate from the main thread on Municipal Politics.
  2. westcoastjos

    8303 - 87 Street | 3s | Rayhana Homes

    Cool little development in Bonnie Doon between the mall and Mill Creek. I imagine 7 units with basement suites based on the picture. Good density increase since this was two detached homes previously. More of these everywhere.
  3. westcoastjos

    Dog Activities in Edmonton

    So we are getting a puppy come August and while I have a good sense of the training and work involved with that at home, I'm wondering what type of activities exist in the city. I know there are the dog parks and what not - we live near Mill Creek Ravine. What other types of things exist? Any...
  4. westcoastjos

    Skyrise Cities Code of Conduct

    Hi all, Given this is the most frequented forum based on threads/posts and the recent influx of new members, I thought I'd share the Code of Conduct for the forums. I referenced safety/inclusivity in the Around Edmonton photography thread and thought I'd highlight the general rules. Beyond...
  5. westcoastjos

    LRT Safety

    I have seen a few discussions pop up on other social media forms out there and one thing that has come up repeatedly throughout the course of the pandemic is safety. There have been a few stabbings during this time. The city committed more dollars for contracted security, but this seems to be...
  6. westcoastjos

    Alberta government tables omnibus bill that would take away municipalities' power to set development timelines
  7. westcoastjos

    Edmonton Development Process

    Rezoning times can vary from 90 to 160+ days for complex applications. A good primer of the Edmonton Design Committee. In addition, general requirements of a submission. Presentations occur at the rezoning and development permit stage. More information can be found on the city's Development...
  8. westcoastjos

    Edmonton | Milner Building Residential Conversion | 53m | 12s | Westcorp | Kasian

    Information pulled from No other information on drawings, but looks like new windows, HVAC, and internal parking on the main floor, so quite a bit of an upgrade.
  9. westcoastjos

    Old Strathcona & The Garneau Real Estate

    Anyone know if this thing will ever go away? It is the one thing that bugs me about this entire area and really detracts from this part of Whyte Ave being fully engaging. Coming in from Calgary and hitting Whyte Ave to see this feels terrible.
  10. westcoastjos

    Photographers Thread

    Figured I would create this thread to discuss such things instead of clogging up other places. @Daveography @Das Ponto Dunno who else takes photos in Alberta/Edmonton, but you can tag them too. @Das Ponto What gear do you use? I get to test things out in Jasper this weekend. I'm pretty sure...
  11. westcoastjos

    Edmonton | 101st St and 84th Ave | 16m | 4s | Kingswood Real Estate | Kennedy

    Didn't see this anywhere. It is a hole in the ground though with piles being poured this past week. My girlfriend lives across the alley so I will grab some pictures tonight.