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  1. zagox

    Calgary | Infill Development Discussion

    I feel like I could lead a happy life just eating at the food court at Chinook, but I might need a cardiologist close by too if I pursued that plan for too long…
  2. zagox

    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    737 Max service from Toronto and Halifax to Europe is gone after all WestJet cancels direct flights between 3 Canadian cities and Europe for summer 2023 Company says reasons include staffing issues, inflation
  3. zagox

    Calgary | Kensington Project 201 | 50m | 14s | Quantum Place

    Comments are Open until Feb 16 on the land use application.
  4. zagox

    Calgary | Kensington 9A | 45m | 14s | Jemm Properties

    CPC voted 6-2 in favour of approving the land use. I listened to the debate and they were super skeptical of administration’s position. Now the battle goes to council but I would bet on this passing based on the CPC debate. Also bodes well for the Terrigno project on the Osteria site.
  5. zagox

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    It's interesting to me that average rent price in Vancouver is only 37% more than Calgary in this chart, but the average purchase price is 2.3X higher. I would have thought Vancouver rents were at least double Calgary.
  6. zagox

    Resisting the push to Calgary’s suburbia

    The author and those quoted in the article seem to be surprised/annoyed about two facts of real estate: 1) Larger properties cost more than smaller ones 2) Places that have a lot of amenities and conveniences cost more than places with fewer amenities and conveniences Therefore, to spend a...
  7. zagox

    Calgary | Kensington 9A | 45m | 14s | Jemm Properties

    Pro - May create some community support for development by requiring developers to pay into a fund for off-site improvements. Brings in cash to the city for “giving” something of value to the developer. Con - Acts as an additional tax on dense, inner-city developments that we say we want to...
  8. zagox

    Calgary | Kensington 9A | 45m | 14s | Jemm Properties

    The solution is no parking - that’s JEMM’s entire strategic plan. Buy land next to transit and get approval for more density and no parking. Rent apartments to people who don’t drive. Only speedbump they’ve hit is the city shaking them down for $1 million to go higher than the 26m height limit...
  9. zagox

    Calgary | Kensington 9A | 45m | 14s | Jemm Properties

    So basically the city wanted ~$1 million more than JEMM was willing to pay, along with a bit more bike parking. Will be fascinating to see whether council makes the same decision.
  10. zagox

    Canada Men's Soccer

    Messi is better off with PSG so he can just put in 100% effort for champions league and the day-in day-out doesn’t wear him down. He only has so many games left in his legs. Mbappe should have left for Madrid when he had the chance, yes it’s fun to play in your hometown but he’s a big fish in a...
  11. zagox

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I walk/bike to that Staples from Kensington fairly often. Agree that the parking lot is gigantic and totally hostile. Would be awesome to get something like the Royal with an urban format Staples in the podium. Same goes for the Staples location by Chinook station.
  12. zagox

    Calgary | Stephen Avenue Quarter | 241m | 66s | Triovest | Gibbs Gage

    So the office component is gone?
  13. zagox

    Calgary | Harmony One | 20m | 6s | Gravity Architecture

    This looks a lot to me like a developer that wants to show investors that something is happening, while not having the financing to actually make something happen.
  14. zagox

    Bridgeland Place Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Calgary Housing

    My cynical hypothesis is that it is easier to find $109M in government funding for a shiny new energy efficient building than $15M to do deferred maintenance to keep something habitable if basic.
  15. zagox

    Bridgeland Place Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Calgary Housing

    So the plan is to spend $109M on a new building ($491k per unit) when the estimated repairs for the existing building were $15M? How many centuries of "reduced utility costs" will it take to recoup that extra $94M in capital costs? They could build another 300+ units somewhere else in the city...
  16. zagox

    General Construction Updates

    $15M to renovate 210 units works out to only $71k/unit. Even if the real cost is more than that, no way CHC is going to get new construction built for a comparable price elsewhere in the city - seems like an obvious choice to do some lifecycle upgrades and maintain the housing for those who need...
  17. zagox

    Alberta Provincial Politics

    My bet based on an election held today would be 45-42 NDP, with the adjustments as follows: 338 has Calgary-Elbow as a UCP Likely, essentially because Greg Clark did so well in 2019 for the Alberta Party. Seems like a flaw in the modeling unless Greg Clark is running again. I would rate that...
  18. zagox

    Alberta Provincial Politics

    St Albert and Sherwood Park will be pretty competitive seats, so it would be wise for UCP to splash some cash there. Inside the Anthony Henday, I doubt Smith announces a loonie in new infrastructure commitments.
  19. zagox

    Calgary International Airport

    October 2022 was only 3.6% below October 2019, the closest we’ve come so far. Given all the disruptions on the supply side and the high prices of tickets that’s impressive.