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  1. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | Glenbow Museum | 43m | 9s | DIALOG

    😃 Yep ... Forbes & friends ... CJAY92
  2. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | Eau Claire Market Redevelopment | 135.02m | 35s | Harvard Developments

    So does the LRT station come first, then Harvard's development? If so, that pushes the whole Eau Claire redo out several years. That's too bad given the all the improvements on the pathway and west of Prince's Island. It is going to be one continuous construction site in that area ☹️
  3. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | Calgary Event Centre | 36.85m | 11s | CSEC | HOK

    That's the question. CSEC will not pay for remediation even if this was their desired location. The city is already at their upper limit with their share of costs. That leaves the province and good luck with that. I think we can safely conclude that any revised proposal for West Village would...
  4. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | Highcliffe Riverfront | 72m | 24s | Great Gulf | architectsAlliance

    Hmm .. selling the one property but perhaps hanging on to the larger one where the old YWCA building is?
  5. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary's Homeless The project is still on their website. Does not look like there is any investor 'reach out' so I would say that their plan is still to market it to local condo buyers when the market outlook improves.
  6. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary's Homeless

    This project if constructed is no closer to the DIC than Bosa's towers in East Village. The DIC was there before Bosa's developments and obviously did not alter their decision to move forward. We have not heard anything about Great Gulf delaying their project until a decision was made on the...
  7. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary's Homeless

    The DIC has nothing to do with this potential project. There is a Calgary Homeless thread in General Discussions which is a more suitable place for this debate.
  8. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | Park Central | 134m | 39s | Hines | S.C.B.

    I don't own a pet but I have heard that veterinarians make pretty good money. I guess they can afford to lease an expensive retail unit in a prime location like this one.
  9. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | 1108 4TH | 92m | 26s | Royop

    I think we are a couple of years away at least before we see any development action on this site. By that time Park Central 2 will be complete. The name of the thread should be changed as it is no longer Genco.
  10. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | Park Central | 134m | 39s | Hines | S.C.B.

    Someone is being very secretive about that corner retail unit in the first building. Windows and doors are still completely papered over as construction continues.
  11. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit They have done a lot of different projects throughout Western Canada. Eau Claire looks to be their most ambitious.
  12. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | Inglewood Fire Hall Development | 45m | 12s | RNDSQR | S2 Architecture

    Bingo. The community opposition is because the project will reduce available parking for visitors to Inglewood. Yep ... can't have development if there is no where for cars to park (sarcasm :rolleyes: ). I believe Kensington has reduced parking yet that has not stopped development.
  13. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | The Barron | 43m | 11s | Strategic Group | Gibbs Gage

    It would not surprise me to hear that Strategic Group is struggling to get financing. The subsidy from the city for office conversion helps but does not even begin to offset the total cost of this project.
  14. JonnyCanuck

    Taxation and Density in Calgary

    Wow .. two pages of debate on Mount Royal, tax base and density. The covenants are one thing preventing more density. However I would also say that the collective power and wealth that exists with the population of MR and UMR will ensure there is never more density. No city council is going to...
  15. JonnyCanuck

    US Politics

    Ah .... the 'found government/secret documents' saga. The case against Trump was very damning and of all the investigations on him, that one looked like it had the best chance of an indictment. Now there have been documents found in Biden's possession from his days as Vice President ... in an...
  16. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary & Alberta Economy This is getting more attention in the news as the Liberals and their 'partners in crime', the NDP are getting closer to tabling the Just Transition legislation. We don't know exactly what is in it but on the surface...
  17. JonnyCanuck

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    They were also going to develop the Highland Park golf course site but that became such a fiasco with the community and the city.
  18. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | Catalyst | 22.86m | 6s | Centron | NORR

    The flood in the building in September has been very costly. Originally, people were supposed to move in last October. Now it appears that it will be sometime in the spring. I would imagine the insurance claim and resulting battle has been ugly.
  19. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary Restaurant Thread

    Metropolitan Grill on 8th Ave has closed. It used to be a happening spot but in recent years not so much. When Local next door was packed, you would see only a handful of customers in MG.
  20. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    Maybe I am naive in asking .. can't a ditch or channel be dug into the hill alongside the pathway.... for the run off? I know it would have to drain somewhere so that may be why it is not practical.