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  1. A Torontonian Now

    2 Bloor West Podium Refurb (Kingsett, 2s, ?)

  2. A Torontonian Now

    Toronto | Spadina Sussex Residence University of Toronto | 75.55m | 23s | U of T | Diamond Schmitt

    I think this project is what I spotted peeking between buildings from the Hayden garage at Yonge and Bloor, taken today:
  3. A Torontonian Now

    Toronto | Glenhill Condominums | 39m | 9s | Lanterra | IBI Group

    The hoarding makes this one really tough to photograph. Taken yesterday:
  4. A Torontonian Now

    Toronto | 219 Roxton | 43.2m | 12s | Land Services Group | Hyphen Studio

    I'm having a hard time making up my mind. This is either going to be a revelation or look like hot garbage. Either way, nice added density.
  5. A Torontonian Now

    Laneway and Garden Houses (various)

    One, no two, no three new laneway houses in the lane behind Beresford and Durie streets, in the block north of Annette Street. The first (now complete) one I had spotted some time ago, the other two that are side-by-side were new to me. Taken yesterday:
  6. A Torontonian Now

    Toronto | 155 St Dennis | 184.8m | 56s | Cityzen | Hariri Pontarini

    Amazing work, as always @steveve! Looking at that future model, one has to wonder at the logic of the low-rise portion of the Celestica / Crosstown Community development. It is so well-located in this growing node, and when all is said and done, will be out of place from the outset.
  7. A Torontonian Now

    Toronto | Hyatt Place / The 203 Residences on Jarvis | 108.2m | 32s | Manga | IBI Group

    I did not like this one in the design stage, I thought it was too much of a hodge-podge. I'm happy to be eating my words - I think they're pulling it off!
  8. A Torontonian Now

    Toronto | 39 Athol Street West (Oshawa) | 42m | 12s | Mutual

    Looks like it belongs in downtown Oshawa, and I do not necessarily mean that as a compliment.