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  1. SubHuman

    Feeding wildlife prohibited April 2023

    It does specifically allow bird feeders. Stovepipe baffles can be used to deter raccoons, cats, mice, rats, and squirrels, from bird feeders (or eating the eggs or nestlings in nestboxes)...
  2. SubHuman

    Feeding wildlife prohibited April 2023

    There is a pigeon problem around this intersection. I had thought they just gathered there for no apparent reason, but a couple of times in the last few months I happened to see a very elderly-looking guy tossing food to them. They flock around him, with some landing on top of his head and...
  3. SubHuman

    Toronto Wildlife

    Are mockingbirds common around the city? Maybe I just haven't noticed them before seeing this one a few times recently. In reading about them, they have a reputation for being noisy and aggressive, though this one has been silent and timid so far. Edit: Apparently their range has been...
  4. SubHuman

    The Weather Who knew in late March it was already time for free outdoor concerts? It says rain or shine, so Saturday's forecast might test that. 🤘 (😆) Edit: Saturday's event cancelled because of high wind...
  5. SubHuman

    Hoverlink - Toronto to Niagara Hovercraft service starting 2023

    Just in case there was someone who actually thought it might happen:
  6. SubHuman

    Toronto | Woodbine Racetrack Development | 13.5m | 3s | Woodbine Ent | WZMH

    Summer apparently lasts until Sept. 23, so they've got a little over six months.
  7. SubHuman

    Time Zones and Daylight Savings

    It looks like they're going to try again to get it passed. It's become clear that almost everyone agrees that changing the clocks twice a year is ridiculous and should be stopped. But like Ontario, they don't want to go first on their own and are waiting for others to agree to stop doing it at...
  8. SubHuman

    Woodbine Centre

    Amazon has paused construction of their Virginia HQ2 because of "slowing revenue". I don't understand what the owner of Woodbine Mall is doing either. It seems that almost every other GTA mall is doing reasonably well and/or getting redeveloped into a more mixed retail/residential complex. You'd...
  9. SubHuman

    Toronto | Woodbine Racetrack Development | 13.5m | 3s | Woodbine Ent | WZMH

    Seven years ago the entertainment venue was announced as having 5000 seats, then later reduced to 4200, and apparently now back up to 5000? The image shows the seating to be the same college gymnasium-like arrangement (and mentions sports events) as the...
  10. SubHuman

    Toronto | DLive | ?m | ?s | Pickering Developments | CGL Architects

    Has there been other events? It seems the 5000-seat theatre at Fallsview started having shows with audiences (TV tapings) in October 2022, then had several more before designating one in late Feb 2023 to be a "grand opening". Edit: Another boxing event has been set for Pickering, and other...
  11. SubHuman

    Toronto | DLive | ?m | ?s | Pickering Developments | CGL Architects

    link Going by the seating chart now displayed on Ticketmaster, it would appear to be a smaller (2500 seats) but similar layout to the venue at CasinoRama, with a "floor" area immediately in front of the stage and then a grandstand. With all the other competing venues, I think it's going to be...
  12. SubHuman

    Toronto | Esports Performance Venue and Hotel | 112.23m | 30s | OverActive | Populous

    The other opportunity was with MSG Sports and Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp.
  13. SubHuman

    2023 Toronto Mayoral by-election

    FWIW, former city councillor Rob Davis is running. I realize a lot of people probably heard this in the news in the last few days, but I didn't see it mentioned yet in this thread.
  14. SubHuman

    Toronto | Esports Performance Venue and Hotel | 112.23m | 30s | OverActive | Populous

    A little over a year ago they said they hoped to start construction by October (2022). They seem to have gone silent for many months, and the only somewhat related recent news item I see is about the CEO of OverActive Media stepping down.
  15. SubHuman

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    Most people do still pay. I recall watching on one TTC bus trip just before the start of the pandemic and estimating about one out of every seven people weren't paying or getting the red light with rejection sound. I'm not on a streetcar very often, mostly buses and the subway, and as I said I...
  16. SubHuman

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    On TTC buses and streetcars, paying a fare seems to have become optional. I don't remember the last time I saw any kind of fare inspector or a driver paying any attention to whether or not someone was paying as they boarded. With the drivers now all behind plexiglass, I don't know if there would...
  17. SubHuman

    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    There's a guy standing out in the cold and wind this morning (Sunday Feb. 26) live streaming arrivals on runway 24L. You can see what' s on the way on a flight radar website like FlightRadar24,, or He showed a PIA...
  18. SubHuman

    Exhibition Place

    -- to make room for extending the Dufferin streetcar tracks to meet the Exhibition Loop?
  19. SubHuman

    Dundas West/ Bloor Mobility Hub +interconnected hub network (Metrolinx)

    Maybe a short pedestrian tunnel under the road, similar to the one at Dufferin station, might be a good idea?