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  1. down on the upside

    Scarborough Centre Transportation Master Plan

    Brimley would be nice, especially from Sheppard to huntingwood on the east side area that currently straddles the road and the ravine but from the rail line just north of Sheppard to STC its a gongshow.
  2. down on the upside

    Scarborough Centre Transportation Master Plan

    Would love to see a north-south dedicated bike lanes connecting to progress, maybe at Midland with all the schools. Trying to get to STC from the North/South of it is like running the gauntlet.
  3. down on the upside

    TTC: Sheppard Subway Extension (Proposed)

    Is there any chance of this? I thought they built a new armoury there a few years back and isn't there other government buildings adjacent to it?
  4. down on the upside

    How to get Canada's oil to export markets?

    I would imagine after 25 years a slow decline till renewables become economic. The nice thing about pipelines is they are fairly easy to decommission and retire, just purge the line of product and seel it and its good to go. No become environmental catastrophe. I prefer this to shutting down...
  5. down on the upside

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    JWBF, Northern Light & MTown, I guess I kicked the hornets nest on that one. I was just pointing out that the Fraser Institute's analysis that the majority of minimum wage workers are kids living with their parents is bang on. The 38% of teenagers + the overwhelming % of people in their early...
  6. down on the upside

    How to get Canada's oil to export markets?

    The industry is definitely growing, not just by consumer demand (all time highs, almost 100 million bbls/d globally) but also in terms of growth domestically compared to 2016. All realistic demand/supply forecasts show it growing for the next 25 years. In terms of the 2nd part, not really a...
  7. down on the upside

    How to get Canada's oil to export markets?

    There seems to be a lot of assumptions and just plain falsehoods being tossed around about this issue: 1. The feds, by not explicitly enforcing its decision to approve the pipeline created an environment where no private enterprise would ever risk its capital not knowing whether it could be...
  8. down on the upside

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    Seems like PressProgress is the only one spouting propaganda. PressProgress admits a full 38% of minimum wage earners are teens, and a further 21% in their early 20's. 38% + 21% is a very comfortable 59%. With the overwhelming majority of people in their early 20's living at home with their...
  9. down on the upside

    The Future of Bombardier

    the future of Bombardier? probably exactly the same as the past, feds, regardless of party affiliation, throwing away billions of dollars to keep this Quebec company afloat, ignoring literally everyone else in the industry and using leverage to force domestic airlines to by their plans...
  10. down on the upside

    Toronto | Union Subway Station: Second Platform and Concourse Improvements | ?m | ?s | TTC | IBI Group

    there appears to be submachine guns everywhere in the render, I sincerely hope it isn't the case in real life.
  11. down on the upside

    Toronto | Concord Sky | 299m | 85s | Concord Adex | a—A

    Not the Big Slice, sacrifice anything except the Big Slice!
  12. down on the upside

    Toronto | St Regis Toronto Hotel and Residences | 281.93m | 58s | JFC Capital | Zeidler

    I'm really hoping they ordered an A instead of a U.
  13. down on the upside

    Toronto | First Canadian Place Rejuvenation | 298.08m | 72s | Brookfield | MdeAS Architects

    if those things happend both buildings wouldn't have a lead tenant but I guess that's not a big deal
  14. down on the upside

    Toronto | L-Tower | 204.82m | 58s | Cityzen | Daniel Libeskind

    this tower doesn't have the booty for the JLO name
  15. down on the upside

    Toronto | Ryerson's Mattamy Athletics Centre + Loblaws at the Gardens | ?m | ?s | Ryerson University | Turner Fleischer

    those damn teachers hating on Ryerson, why should they try to protect one of the best investments (MLSE). Oh the irony
  16. down on the upside

    Toronto | Bay Adelaide Centre | 217.92m | 51s | Brookfield | KPMB

    once all the good lots are gone and prices start going up they'll start taking down some of the older/smaller buildings and putting up higher buildings, happens to every CBD once most of the lots have been developed.
  17. down on the upside

    TTC: Sheppard Subway Expansion (Speculative)

    having suffered the consequences of taking classes at OISE, let me assure you, developers wont be jumping on that bandwagon anytime soon. A subway train underground OISE makes enough noise to disrupt a 300 student classroom every 5 minutes, I can only imagine what it would do for residents. And...
  18. down on the upside

    Eglinton LRT- Skytrain Beams Vs. Median Right-of-Way

    because it took a communist country to go capitalist to build those subway lines? another great leap forward in logic!
  19. down on the upside

    Our First View of the U of T's Robarts Library Expansion

    originally I thought robarts was built as a refuge from some sort of interuniversity attack, a fort to fight back the barbarian hordes from York or McMaster. That's how I rationalized the lack of entrances/exits, the limited west side access etc. if that is the case, this expansion does nothing...
  20. down on the upside

    Office Of Moriyama & Teshima Architects To Be Replaced By Lifetime Developments' York

    is it just me or does the corner start out as a right angle and then become acute? cause if its the real deal (and not an illusion) sweet building!