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    Is the west side of Toronto more prominent than the east side?

    On a GTA perspective, I would think the Pickering nuclear power plant is a factor in influencing people to stay "west" I live in the west side now but grew up on the east side. Will I consider moving back? Yes.
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    What's your Walk Score?

    Previous: Walkscore 100 Transit 92 Current: Walkscore 100 Transit 100 Future: Hopefully higher lol
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    Building Boom Architectural Quality

    I have to agree that having pretty buildings is nice but not necessarily a fundamental factor that drives a city's growth or provide an accurate gauge of a city's health. The cities of Italy and Spain are beautiful but does anyone really think they're doing well nowadays (economically)?
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    Toronto Toronto | Southcore Financial Centre & Delta Toronto | 159.71m | 45s | GWL | KPMB

    and place only parks, public space, bike trails, and roads connecting to waterfront on top of this can only dream.
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    Toronto Toronto | Union Park | 303.26m | 58s | Oxford Properties | Pelli Clarke Pelli

    "That's just it: I'm not deriding other people's lifestyles, including people who enjoy going to casinos (or Entertainment District clubs). The suburban lifestyle has many advantages indeed, but my problem is with the city trying to enforce that lifestyle in the downtown core, which should offer...
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    Toronto Toronto | Union Park | 303.26m | 58s | Oxford Properties | Pelli Clarke Pelli

    "if people are so desperate for the aseptic suburban lifestyle, then there are plenty of suburbs that they can choose from" The latest census statistics can prove that these regions are growing by leaps and bounds. There are obviously other reasons why people move out to the burbs such as...
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    Toronto Toronto | Union Park | 303.26m | 58s | Oxford Properties | Pelli Clarke Pelli

    Don't expect this casino to be the style of Casino Royale a-la James Bond. These developers and casino boosters are falsely projecting a glamourous attraction when in fact it will probably look like Casino Niagara and will attract the Richmond & John suburban party crowd to walk/stumble over...
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    Updates to PATH

    I thought the path was originally built to help reduce the congestion on the above ground streets? I work in the core for over a decade and the PATH is invaluable as both an alternative to avoid walking in extreme temperatures (especially in a suit) and a place to eat, shop, and do errands such...
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    Toronto 2024 Olympic Bid (Dead)

    Quoting that Economist Article: I looked up Greece AND 2004 AND Olympics AND Debt and wow.... anyway, i think the whole application process is a waste of time and money. And if we did get the games, it's not until 2024. A little late for all the transit improvements we need now.
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    Toronto in the World

    I respect the cultural history of China and its emergence as a world superpower but comments such as this doesn't support your cause. Yes, money talks but can you safely say China leads or has led the world on human rights such as gay marriage, or religious freedom, or the environment, or...
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    Downtown vs. Suburbs: Yes, It's An Ethnic Thing

    LOL, so when a white family is on the show, it's a safe bet they will choose Whiteby, Burlington, Oakville in the burbs or Cabbagetown, Leslieville, High Park, in the city. If let's say an south asian couple goes on the show, they will probably choose Brampton, Mississauga in the burbs or...
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    Toronto/Chicago comparisons

    As a "tourist", I love Chicago for its architecture. Yes I mainly stuck to the tourist areas when i visited but why would i go anywhere else? if i was a tourist visiting toronto, i wouldn't go visit Jane and Finch or Vaughan Mills Mall. Oh wait, strike that last one out, Vaughan Mills is...
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    Toronto and London Stock Exchanges to merge?

    a competing bid is fair game and it's up to the Board of Directors of TMX whether to endorse the "highest" or fairest bid for shareholders. I love how the British media are in a hissy fit making this competing bid look like Canada is once again "blocking" foreign takeovers. Although this...
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    Apartment position/floor

    i have a west facing unit (unobstructed). Yes it can get hot during the summer sun but i prefer lots of natural light and i hardly turn on my lights when days are long. I also like facing west because I'll be home to enjoy the sun setting. Whereas facing east, i would enjoy a bit of the sun...
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    Toronto soon to be North America's 4th largest?

    Ah the beauty of anonymous online forum posting(ers)! you never know if a 12 yr old is schooling you with wikipedia facts or an actual expert is giving you an actual smackdown! Anyway, did you say we're number 4??? Oh right, the EIU thingy that seems to gain more and more media exposure every...
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    A New Bay Street?

    Agreed. i've worked in the financial district my whole career. i've turned down financial jobs that are based outside the core (seriously). Granted Yonge & Shepp may have Invesco Trimark, OTPP, OMERS, but T]the heart and soul of decisions made in Canadian finance is in the downtown core. But i...
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    How Toronto voted by ward

    Urban Scrawl: Toronto not so divided after all Special to the National Post October 30, 2010 – 8:00 am Comment by Joshua Kertzer and Jonathan Naymark Throughout the recent Toronto election, residents were presented with two clear options for mayor: front-runner and now Mayor-elect...
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    Toronto Rises as the New Capital of Cool

    I think the cool moniker was thrown around ever since the Times of London declared Toronto an A-list city and Nota Bene Magazine devoted a whole issue to the city back in early 2000's. But then again i remember cool being thrown around back in the 90's as well. anyhoo, this is great publicity...
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    G-20 Summit in Toronto

    G8 AND G20 SUMMITS Canadians Want Federal Government to Pick Up the Tab for G20 Disruption Respondents across the country—and in the City of Toronto—feel disgusted and ashamed after last weekend’s demonstrations. [TORONTO – Jul. 1, 2010] – Canadians and Torontonians think the...
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    Street Canvassers

    Not just sick kids but every other charity known to man. Add on top of it the numerous of internal fundraisers held by the companies and their employees. Oh, don't forget the few hundred homeless people/panhandlers that get fed by the same. I"m still pleasantly surprised to see commuters...