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  1. Arob

    Spectacular View For Sale Near Warkworth Ontario

    New lots available for sale - Warkworth Heights
  2. Arob

    Rare Maps of Toronto

    Friends - I'm looking for any information about Lyman Bros Chemical Works, esp pictures of their laboratory on 'Palace St' (Front St), as I continue to feed my obsession with the history of 177 Front St E, the Time and Space condos site. See here in Goad's 1880 Fire Insurance Map of Toronto - i...
  3. Arob

    Spying on high rise workers pouring concrete - video

    Everyday they get closer . . . and louder Soon they're going to block my view of the skyline. . .
  4. Arob

    Singles Golf Lessons & Mixer at Lionhead - Thurs Aug 25 evening

    The first singles golf lessons and mixer happened and was a success, despite the rain. Here's the story on Enhance Brampton Magazine,
  5. Arob

    Singles Golf Lessons & Mixer at Lionhead - Thurs Aug 25 evening

    Singles Golf Lessons & Mixer at Lionhead Golf Course When men and women meet each on a golf course, friendship happens. The Single in the City inspired Singles Golf Lessons & Mixer event at Lionhead on 25th August 2016 is unique in its partnership with the Bradlee Ryall golf lessons corporate...
  6. Arob

    Toronto BBQ Week, June 6th to 11th, 2016 - Contest and Deals

    Between June 6th and June 12th 2016, fifteen different BBQ restaurants all over the city of Toronto are offering a premium meal deal for only fifteen bucks; your BBQ dish will be paired with Samuel Adams Boston Lager. AAA Public House Barque Butcher Bar Beer Bistro Broncos Boots & Bourbon...
  7. Arob

    List good places to watch Euro Cup games in Toronto

    Cafe Diplomatico, patio in Little Italy is Toronto's international soccer headquarters, and most refreshing / culturally rich fan center. Why? 1) They have an iconic patio on a prime corner of Little Italy in Toronto 2) They have a big-screen video wall to watch games on the patio (they often...
  8. Arob

    Toronto, raccoon capital of the world

    I just spent a whole day with Derick McChesney of SWAT wildlife doing raccoon removal all over Toronto. I took a lot of pictures and wrote a day-in-the-life of a raccoon removal expert story for Life as a Human magazine. And I cannot describe the stench in the air on our last call. I will...
  9. Arob

    York Region Transit: Viva service thread

    An interesting blog post from a Toronto sign maker who is contracted by YRT to make move and adjust the affected businesses' signage during construction, Portable Business Signs Along Hwy7 During Metrolinx Construction To Become Permanent Pylon Signs Upon Completion , not as boring as it sounds...
  10. Arob

    GoPro Queen St W Toronto, Tues 1 Sept 7:30 pm 2015

    Here's video I made of a lengthy ride west along Queen St that Raymi Toronto preserved as a blog post this week. She leads the camera from Queen and Augusta all the way to Roncesvalles Ave., and then down to Summerside pavilion. The media has a certain zen... although I remember it being a...
  11. Arob

    Interesting first date ideas

    I would go paddleboarding or canoeing if you're scared - its the best date. second is to rent bicycles
  12. Arob

    What is this fruit? Ornamental shrubs bear fruit, but is it edible?

    here are pics of rosehips here is what Wikipedia offers up as Rose hips here is what NWID Native Plants for Health shows as rose hips, Do you think its possible that some crafty genetic engineer has 'created' these trees by crossbreeding and combining cherry trees and rose hip bushes ?
  13. Arob

    What is this fruit? Ornamental shrubs bear fruit, but is it edible?

    Not Far From the Tree is a Toronto-based urban fruit-harvesting group that roams the city in search of windfalls—unwanted fruit and even the sap that runs through the city’s maples. In 2010, a group of 700 volunteers and four staff picked over 19,695 pounds of cherries, service berries...
  14. Arob

    Excavators uncover Queen's Wharf in Toronto and O.S.& H.R. Railway Piers - Old Maps

    Forward Condo Excavator Finds Century Old Soda Bottles at Fort York Blvd and Queen's Wharf The excavation site of the Forward and Newton condominiums, on the S.E. corner of Bathurst and Fort York Blvd. in downtown Toronto, has exposed the site of what was once the Through Freight & Passenger...
  15. Arob

    Knitting in Public - Post Your Neighbourhood Knitting Group

    Knitters are social creatures, and they look for other knitters and places to meet and talk knitwear. Post your Knitting Groups, your Knit & Natters, Stitch & Bitches, and Sew & Shows - events where anyone armed with knitting needles and a bag of yarn can sit down and be welcomed as a friend...
  16. Arob

    Bird Friendly Buildings in Toronto - I see dead birds everywhere

    Burlington dentist bird nest in sign This Burlington dentist has a problem with a bird that nests in his sign and wont go away. Earlier this year he had his whole sign replaced - because of bird damage and an obvious and messy bird nest in in the 'D' of dental. That sends a bad message to...
  17. Arob

    Chief Bill Blair will NOT resign

    he's gone and I hope this thread helped sink him g20 nemesis
  18. Arob

    Toronto events and festivals

    Call for Submissions - Retro Future Art Show - Thurs July 3rd, 2014 Open Call for Submissions! Hashtag Gallery presents Retro Future Art Exhibition an custom made art contest that seeks a curious painting to decorate a meeting room in a boutique ad agency in Toronto. Hashtag Gallery is two...
  19. Arob

    Bird Friendly Buildings in Toronto - I see dead birds everywhere

    Here are where the birds live in Toronto, in the fascia boards above a Wing Machine not just pigeons, but all manner of birds seem to live in here Its a big city birdhouse
  20. Arob

    Bird Friendly Buildings in Toronto - I see dead birds everywhere

    Two more Canadian birds are now on the endangered species list. While I would like to blame Monsanto, I fear we are equally negligent because of reflective glass and diminished habitat; there are no Barn Swallows lining telephone wires anymore, because there no barns. I read this in the...