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    Taxis and ride-sharing in Toronto

    But this driver did not own the car, he merely drove it for someone else. My question should have been restricted to an "Ambassador" cab owner/operator.
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    Taxis and ride-sharing in Toronto

    How long will it take before the first cab driver who owns his own car signs up with Uber and play both sides of the street rather than sitting on his ass outside a hotel or plaza?
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    General cycling issues (Is Toronto bike friendly?)

    And "Bikers" don't ride on the sidewalk, and "Bikers" are riding licenced vehicles and are licenced themselves to do so.
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    Gigabit Fibre - Bell and City of Toronto

    Where to start? First, I guess, with the news that Bell and Hydro have had a reciprocal pole sharing agreement since forever. The agreement was called "Joint Use" and is now almost non existent. I wouldn't be surprised if Toronto Hydro was attached to a far greater number of Bell poles than...
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    General cycling issues (Is Toronto bike friendly?)

    This is satire. Right?
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    LCBO / The Beer Store

    Yet another oddity at the LCBO. Last week I dropped in to my local LCBO to pick up some beers and as I walked down an aisle headed to the refrigerated beer storage room I noticed a winsome little bottle of wine from Australia crying out to me to take it home. I did. It turned out to be very...
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    Power Wheelchair sales

    Not much because many parts, seats etc, tend to be attached to fit the customer.
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    Power Wheelchair sales

    Tried them thanks, lots of chairs on their web site but no chairs in their showroom. They didn't understand why a customer would want to look at the materials and workmanship in a $10,000 product without paying for it first.
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    Power Wheelchair sales

    I am trying to buy a power wheelchair for my wife and have discovered that this little slice of the retail market is highly resistant to shopping. A trip through the market on the 'net reveals a wide variety of models and prices, lots of photos and specifications but it seems that you are...
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    Toronto Toronto | Ryerson Student Learning Centre | 50.59m | 8s | Ryerson University | Zeidler

    Am I the only one amused by a University designating a building as a "Student learning centre" does that description not describe the whole entity?
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    The Beer Store: Political Reasons to Keep/Kill It

    Don't variety stores have 16 year old, probably relatives, cashiers selling tobacco now?
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    1265-1277 York Mills Road (@Parkwoods Village Dr, Diamond Corp, new retail) COMPLETE

    OMG, another Dollarama!! They have been in labour for a dog's age and a million dollars later they give birth to this? Don't they know there is another Dollarama a 10 minute walk east of there at Parkway Mall. Is the TTC running this operation is there someone even dumber than them in town.
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    General cycling issues (Is Toronto bike friendly?),-79.374724,3a,75y,250.45h,77.24t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sbWjCbV1XfLm5x275dDGrSA!2e0!5s20140501T000000!6m1!1e1
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    General cycling issues (Is Toronto bike friendly?)

    Yes, and he is right every year.
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    General cycling issues (Is Toronto bike friendly?)

    Winter cyclists are like UFO sightings, very rare and almost always reported by enthusiasts.
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    General cycling issues (Is Toronto bike friendly?)

    90+ cars, 0 bikes. In locations deemed to be heavily used bike routes.
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    Housing costs

    FWIW We bought our starter home in 1961 in North York for less than $15,000 on a weekly wage of $105. The 30 year, 6.75% mortgage carried for under $100 per month including property tax. We are busy folks and never got around to moving, the house is now worth $600,000.
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    General cycling issues (Is Toronto bike friendly?)

    All those bike lanes but no bikes in the photos. Not even on the sidewalk.