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    Toronto skyline

    Yonge Street in downtown Toronto indeed has been observed and called so boring with the insignificant historic architecture that nobody really pays attention to and the surprisingly countryside town style low density streetscape for The major downtown road... I'm thinking, it would be really...
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    Toronto skyline

    I don't know why the two images not showing up in the previous post (2 posts up). If you make Toronto's roofs not snow covered all the time when it's very cold, in theory, that could be a way to make the city 1~2 degrees warmer in winter. Similarly, when the Great Lakes are not covered in ice...
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    Toronto skyline So, is the reason why this winter stayed as so cold partially because the city was constantly covered in white snow all over it...
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    Toronto skyline

    Toronto should really build a stunning marvellous piece of architecture (designed by a really great architect) on that last spot(?) on the other side of Sugar Beach on downtown lakeshore (where the white and green industrial cranes are in the photo). The hope is still with Toronto's waterfront...
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    Toronto skyline

    Toronto's skyline, for sure, is a beauty... It would be nice if somebody take a similar shot to that photo in 2015, which shows the north half of the skyline of downtown as well...
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    Seoul, South Korea

    Those last 5 photos seems to be taken in a history museum...I think they that sort of thing in Japan too of the time before WWII. Those ones in the photos represent very well of S. Korea in the 70s and 60s or even before...which is ironically similar to what North Korea looks like these days...
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    androiduk's My Toronto

    Strange, that statue is somewhat not proportional. I've seen many equestrian statues around the world in person and in photos, but that one in Toronto's Queen's Park has strangely short base that the horse and king's statue is sitting on. If we're going to keep a historic monumental statue...
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    Toronto Toronto | U of T: John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design | 18.9m | 3s | U of T | NADAAA

    Great news indeed... Toronto is more ambitious now than ever before, and so should the UofT architecture school in the great city. The old and new part in their design is just great, and I hope they restore those pinacles(picture below) in the way they originally were. I think it's the key...
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    Montreal: aerial shots from last summer

    Detroit is America's "Shrinking City". People, especially the white people who had the most money, abandoned it. Over 80% of the population is black in 2012 and the crime rate is one of the highest in all of the gun-crime country, United States. Population, economy, everything is going down...
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    Paris April 2013

    Ahh.. a true city of culture, architecture, and design... Thanks for sharing the photos...
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    Montreal: aerial shots from last summer

    Canada's Detroit...Only beautiful with the mother nature's gift (river and mountain on the grand prairie) and the legacy of being the largest city of Canada until 1970s~80s... With their glorious French preservation law (the...
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    Toronto skyline

    Stunning image...includes most part of current downtown area. By the way, I guess that's what the roof of CN Tower looks like now with the Edgewalk from the Skypod... Would have been nicer if they made it a little less industrial looking, but more sort of refined.
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    Australia 108 - Melbourne's/Australia's next tallest

    +1 lol... But I think Eureka's design is somewhat fine.
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    Toronto skyline

    I notice that a view of skyline is always more grandiose and better when it's seen from above than on the ground. I hope we build some kind of elevated observation deck about 3~5 stories high in the islands for more stunning/ impactful view of the city from there as well as the one we enjoy now...
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    Future of Canada's Boundaries

    Labrador and Newfoundland are not even connected by land, and to me it looked like they could become very interesting regions with slightly different characters and landscapes in Canada. But I guess Labrador should be on its own as a great land of Labradorian only after Quebec's separatism and...
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    Future of Canada's Boundaries

    Here is my proposal It is the best in my opinion in terms of (completing) balanced beauty of the map of Canada. This map also considers local needs and identity when creating a new province/ territory of Canada. 1) Nunavik finally becomes 4th Territory of Canada like Nunavut, NWT, and Yukon. 2)...
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    Road Trip Down to Buffalo

    Thanks for sharing the photos!:) Not just the famous Guaranty Building, but it is surprising that the historic architecture in Buffalo overall is very big, robust, and so beautiful! It is as if Buffalo was a city as big/significant as Toronto back then. Or perhaps, almost every major city in...
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    Trip to Europe 2012

    Nothing is more European than Europe itself! Thanks for sharing the beautiful and amazing photos!:)
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    Toronto skyline

    But it's been actually many months since the opening of the Trump residences building. Why haven't they removed the south sign already? It absolutely makes no sense to me. It's rather a total waste of electricity. And more importantly, it could really hurt some innocent people's sensitive eyes?
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    Toronto skyline

    What is the point of the KPMG logo there in the photo? to irritate people living in the Trump residence ?