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    Toronto Toronto | 2453-2469 Bloor West | 47.2m | 12s | Leader Lane | BDP Quadrangle

    I know they are big on CLT. Could be interesting.
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    2023 Toronto Mayoral by-election

    Cheers for the insights. Is there any strategic reasoning behind Chow's late registration?
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    2023 Toronto Mayoral by-election

    Interesting to see Matlow highlighted in the video. I guess Saunders sees him as the biggest threat.
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    Collingwood Toronto | Grain Terminal Revitalization | ?m | 24s | Streetcar | COBE Architects

    Will be difficult to appease the adjacent boat clubs who. I believe there are some strange easements on the lands too.
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    Zoning Reform Ideas

    While true, is this not more a reflection of the rapid increase in housing prices in the last generation more than anything? In 20 years, I bet most of them would be living in MURBs
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    2023 Toronto Mayoral by-election

    I know those numbers are relatively meaningless at this stage but I am shocked Bradford is polling that low
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    Toronto Toronto | 2400 Dundas West | 124.2m | 36s | Fora | Giannone Petricone

    This is such a fantastic site. Early signs looks promising, especially the taller tower. Looks beautiful
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    2023 Toronto Mayoral by-election

    As someone relatively unfamiliar with Chow, not sure what I could expect. Can someone smarter than me kindly share what she was like on Council?
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    2023 Toronto Mayoral by-election

    I have been very critical of Matlow in the past but his early campaign talk is promising. Tax increases are bold no matter how needed it is as is antagonizing the suburban commuters. Could work in the packed field.